The Super Bowl is HERE!

superbowl 2012 Super Bowl Workouts!

3 Workout Options for you!

Option # 1:

Run Club 9am

Get A Grip Total Fitness – Lutz Location (1914 Oak Grove Blvd.,  Lutz)

Option #2:

At-Home 15-20 Minute “Touch Down” Workout

(before your parties)

Warm up (5 minutes)

Perform the following exercises in order for 7 minutes – rest as needed

7 Push-up

7 Jump Squats

7 Bench/Chair Dips

7 Burpees

49 Jump Ropes

Repeat for 3-5 sets

Cool Down & Stretch (3-5 minutes)

Option #3

During the GAME!

Perform the following exercises when they happen throughout the game...

Touch Down: 7 Burpees

Field Goal: 3 minutes of Jump Ropes

Extra Point: 1 minute of Plank

First Down: 12 Jump Squats

Time Out: During the time out – Snow Angels

Personal Foul: 7 Walking Lunges each Leg

Fumble: 7 Bench/Chair Dips

Interception: 7 Deck Squats OR 14 crunches

Quarterback Sack: 7 Side Plank Tap Downs on each side

Commercials: Jumping Jacks throughout

Win in the Football Squares: 100 Butt Kicks!

No Excuses, I gave you 3 options, choose one of them!

Have fun!!!

Leave in the comments below, which one you choose:)

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I was approached back in April by a dear friend of mine about holding a clothing drive to benefit Dress for Success of Tampa Bay. I didn't want to just tell people to bring clothes to the studio on "x' day. I wanted it to be something more!

I came up with an idea to do a Couple's Body Transformation, where they wear the clothing they were going to grow out of and donate to the clothing drive at the end of the contest because it on longer fit! I figured with the couple's transformation they would have an additional accountability (they won't want to let their partners down) and I gave away a cash prize of $400.00 (this is where the motivation came in). I also decided to give away one free month of boot camp to 3 teams for other milestones to give them more opportunities to win.

I wanted a win-win situation. Whether they won a prize or not they would have some successes with getting closer to their goals and Dress for Success would walk away with a ton of clothes!

The final day of the contest, the contestants did their assessments gave their donations and others took advantage of the drop off as well. We had my dear friend, Suzanne Neff (on the board of Dress for Success of Tampa Bay) gave a presentation about the benefits of their program and how every little bit helps! We were very happy to pack her truck. Everyone was SO generous! Thank you again everyone!

6weekcouplestransforamtion 036 6 Week Couples Body Transformation Results for Clothing Drive to Benefit Dress for Success of Tampa Bay

It was a great SUCCESS!

I am very proud of everyone who participated and there wasn't one person who didn't show some kind of improvement. It was a HIT!

Here is the final results…


Keri Howard and Lori DeFabio

6weekcouplestransforamtion 020 6 Week Couples Body Transformation Results for Clothing Drive to Benefit Dress for Success of Tampa Bay

They lost a combined inch loss of 42", 27.4lbs, 26% improvement in lean muscle %


Won a Free Month of Boot Camp Each…


Highest Inch Loss

Shea Graff and Robin Stonaker

6weekcouplestransforamtion 021 6 Week Couples Body Transformation Results for Clothing Drive to Benefit Dress for Success of Tampa Bay

A combined inch loss of 28.25"

(over 2 feet!)


Best Fit Assessment Improvements

Sherri Lennon and Jenn Burke

Jenn and Sherri 225x300 6 Week Couples Body Transformation Results for Clothing Drive to Benefit Dress for Success of Tampa Bay

A combined 93 reps improvement on the 3 fit test exercises and 8:16 improvement on 2 timed fit test exercises!


Lean Muscle % Improvement

Leslie Zedell and Jessica Suhar

6weekcouplestransforamtion 026 6 Week Couples Body Transformation Results for Clothing Drive to Benefit Dress for Success of Tampa Bay

Combined 19% improvement


The rest of the group did awesome also! It was very close and they all should be proud! I'm looking forward to the next one!



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We are excited to announce the 7 contestants for the Mother's Giveaway. One lucky mom will win a 8-week body transformation and a full day of spa treatments and while she's out she will receive 2 hours of house cleaning. How awesome is that?! It's your turn to vote. "Like" the page and then enter your vote in the comments.

They are all deserving, but only one can win. Winner will be posted on Sunday, Mother's Day. Be sure to share with your friends and family.

mothers day1 You VOTE! Mothers Day Giveaway...

Mom #1: Linda Johnson

Being an only child living with a single parent, I grew up understanding you need to work hard to provide for your children first and worry about you second. My Mom worked 3 jobs when I was younger to help make sure I had everything I needed. She always put me first and always made sure I understood from an early age in life the importance of family, loyalty and friendships.  I was raised to respect others and help out those that needed the help more than I did.  In elementary school, I volunteered to help a little boy who was blind get to his classes and desk each day….all because my Mom instilled that desire to help others and appreciate the little things in life.

My Mom and I were always very close and she has always been my best friend. She knows when I am not having a good day, she knows when I need help and she knows how to make me think positive and push forward through those rough patches.  She understands me like no one else can.

My Mom is a very strong willed person and has always taught me to stand up for myself and if I really believe in something, to stick with it and not be persuaded to think otherwise. 

My Mom would always be there to listen, never judge, and help me come to my own conclusions and decisions. 

My Mom would do anything and everything to make sure I am safe, happy and loved.

I rely on my Mom for "motherly" advice with my daughter.

I am 33 years old, and I still speak with my Mom every single day! I enjoy sharing with her my life stories, funny situations, things that are on my mind, or just checking in to see how her day is going.  We can always find something to talk about and share in a laugh together.

So, for all of the reasons listed above and because I love my Mom so very much, I nominate her for this contest. I would like to show her how much I love her and this is a small gesture to say thank you for always being there….for always loving me no matter what….and helping me become a wonderful Mom to my daughter, Isabella.

Heather Guida nominated her mother, Linda Johnson

Mom #2: Cheree Scefcyk

I have worked on & off with Cheree for over 10yrs now and she has proven to be a great friend and most importantly a great mother.  Unfortunately she has had lots and lots of misfortune in the past year.  Her husband is a stay-at-home father for many years due to work disability (I believe) and that has worked well for their family with Cheree being the sole provider, however with the downturn of the economy she was laid off from her great-paying job and has been working at Band of America for 2yrs but pinching pennies anywhere and everywhere to support her family of 5 due the drastic reduction in salary.

To name a few of her “misfortunes”:

·         Her riding mower (and only mower) broke just this month, and she lives in the woods (rural area) and has no money to fix it or buy a new one.

·         Her AC is broken and thanks to the kindness of a friend, is surviving the Florida heat with just a window unit

·         This month she also had a leak in the roof

·         Not to mention 1 daughter nearly broke her arm, and then just last week was rushed to the hospital with a high fever (ended up being strep)

·         In February her husband was admitted to the ICU with kidney failure and SEVERE dehydration due to a bad reaction to his migraine meds mixed with pain medicine

·         And the top one – Sometime the end of last year she had surgery on her foot (broke it in 4 places & tore tendons Labor Day week), then ended up with plantar fasciitis, and after 10wks in a cast & being home from work on medical leave, she breaks her heel (go figure?!) and now she has to go see a Rheumatologist because the Dr says her foot is so messed up L

Despite all this, Cheree still is supportive to her friends and her family, and puts her faith in God (not to get religious on you) that everything will be okay.  I just feel bad for her because, how much can one person really handle before they “crack”?  She has been encouraging and helpful even to me in my down times, which are NOTHING in comparison to all she has endured this past year.  She always tells me how much she’d love to run or work out with me as soon as her foot heals. J

I just know this would be such a wonderful gift to her, even if she has to wait a bit for the actual personal training part due to the foot issues.

Aileen Ginesta, nominated a friend, Cheree Scefcyk.

Mom #3: Lynn LaFleur

We’ve all heard the idiom “she’d give you the shirt off her back…” I would argue that my mom would not only give you her shirt, but she most likely had sewn, washed, pressed, and fixed it before she gave it up. My father was a diligent, hard worker and as a result my brothers and I were afforded the opportunity of having our mother at home while we were growing up….

 Maybe I should start from the beginning: I have two older brothers; they are 13 months apart and my middle brother and I are 19 months apart. My parents told us the story of when they brought me home from the hospital and they wondered how they would be able to care for a 2.5-year-old, 1.5-year-old, and newborn baby. Long story short: she did an amazing job. I’ve heard stories of how she travelled with the three of us and people would ask how she was able to do it. The funny thing is, she loved it. Not only did she enjoy having three little ones in diapers, but she said that she would have had more if it was feasible.

To this day, if you ask my dad how the three of us turned out the way we did he would attribute it to my mom. From as long I can remember my mother was our classroom mom, president of the PTA, in charge of running carpools, volunteer of the year, etc. As I moved into middle school, she became more than super mom, but also my best friend. She knew about all the boys I had crushes on, helped me through those “awkward years”, and stayed by my side when I thought I was “cooler than everyone else.” I moved onto high school and decided I was ready to move away for college. I know my mom secretly wanted me to stay close, but supported me 100% in my decision to move away. As a freshman in college, I realized how much my mom meant to me and how much she had done for my family. I completed college and moved even farther away for graduate school. My brothers have also moved away and started families and now I understand why family is so incredibly important. I, now, more than ever, am so appreciative of everything she’s done for me. Ironically enough, words cannot express my appreciation. My mother was always and still is the person I go to with everything and I know that above everything else she will always be there for me.

My mother has always provided for me to the best of her abilities. I would argue that I have the greatest mother in the whole world…and no, I’m not just saying that. I feel that she deserves everything in the world, and even though I am not able to repay her for the things she has done for me, I truly believe she deserves to be pampered for Mother’s Day…and every other day, for that matter.

Gina LaFleur nominated her mother,  Lynn LaFleur

Mom #4: Shawna Traub

A few years ago, everyone was telling me, “God only chooses those who he knows can handle it.” I hated that statement because I wanted to know why God chose me to test.  But if you ask me today, I have a whole new outlook on my situation and I know exactly why God chose me.

In 2008, my husband and I were excited to welcome our son Ethan into our family. By the time Ethan was six weeks old I knew something was different about him. Just a few weeks later, after a diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder, we were spending weeks, even months in the hospital.

Learning to juggle Ethan’s special needs was only one aspect of the diagnosis. Almost as important to me was making sure that Emily (two years old at the time) always felt special too. I wanted to make sure her life was as stable as possible despite the monthly visits of paramedics to the house and having to visit both her mom and brother in the hospital. I remember leaving Ethan’s bedside for the first time to take Emily to her first concert. I love that almost three years later she still talks about that concert when we hear those songs.

The roller coaster of a journey we are on with Ethan’s medical condition has taken our family from the lows of a medically induced coma requiring intubation in order to stop his seizures, to the highs of three doctor-free months in a row. I’m honestly shocked when paramedics, nurses and doctors comment on how calm I am while in the midst of a medical crisis. In my eyes, this is my son and I know him best. It is my job to protect him.

Understanding that taking care of myself first is what is going to give me the strength both mentally and physically to care for my kids, I found Carrie and began attending bootcamp at the only time available to call my own, 6 a.m. I never felt better about myself; I was so proud that despite what was happening with Ethan, I got up three days a week to workout.

I’ve recently given birth to our son Austin and now know more than ever that it is important to take good care of myself. My husband agrees, but it is hard to justify financially when we face a mound of medical bills among other additional expenses.

As a stay at home mom and full time care-giver to Ethan, I do not expect to receive praise for a job well done. Winning this contest, however, would mean so much to me, knowing that others believe I am deserving. In the end, though, I know how lucky I am because I have Ethan in my life, my husband and two other healthy and happy children. I know God chose me because I can handle it.

Nominated as deserving, Shawna Traub

Mom #5: Marilyn Breckley

I am 53 years old. I recently went through many changes in my life. When most people start slowing down and thinking about retirement at this age, things happened for me that changed my plans.

First I accepted a job in Tampa Florida and moved here from VA. My husband had to stay behind to continue his work until he is able to retire.

So for the last 2 years it’s been just me and my 2 year old granddaughter Kristen living here. I have full custody of her.

Even though this was not the path I imagined at my age. I would not trade having her for the world. She is my sunshine every day. No matter how hard your day is at work when you come home and hold a baby and rock them nothing else matters.

With my focus on working and taking care of Kristen, looking for a home and getting settled I have not taken the time to take care of myself. I weigh more now than I ever did in my life. I am up to 185 lbs. I've tried many diet plans and nothing seems to work for me. I look at myself in the mirror every morning and get very depressed at what I see. My self-confidence has declined and just feels real bad about myself. So PLEASE give me a chance to rebound and be who I used to be. I really need this at this time in my life.

Nominated as deserving, Marilyn Breckley

Mom #6: Debbie Zecchini

Growing up it has always been my mom and I. I was unexpected, but ironically just what she needed. Since she was a single parent she made it her mission to give me everything I could ever dream of having and more, and these past 19 years she has done an incredible job. My mother is my best friend and the most amazing woman in the world in my eyes. I look up to her, admire her, and hope one day to do half the things she has done for me for my children. She has taught me so much about life and love and I am so grateful for her. I have just been accepted into a performing arts school in NYC and I leave in October. The school is extremely expensive and my mom has offered to pay for it, and I am beyond ecstatic and grateful. She is the most unselfish and giving person I have ever met, and I think it's about time she gets something in return. I would love to be able to give her this gift. It is by no means in comparison to what she's done for me, but I know it would mean the world to her. She's highly active and absolutely loves exercising and she definitely doesn't get pampered enough, so this would be the perfect gift for her. I hold my mother very high on a pedestal and I would love to be able to give her this amazing gift!

Nicole Zecchini nominated her mother, Debbie Zecchini

Mom #7: Eileen Hunt

My mom deserves your Mother’s Day giveaway because, plain and simply put, she works hard.  She works hard on her health, she works hard in the office and she works hard to take care of her family.  I am so grateful and proud of her I wish I could give her everything in the world she could possibly want, but I think your lovely prize would be a perfect to show her how much she is appreciated.   It would also be an appropriate reward for her dedication and hard work.

Over the past year and a half I have watched my mother transform the way she lives.  She changed her diet and has absolutely stuck to it.  As a dedicated year-plus member of your boot camp, she has learned the benefits of how working hard can change her body and overall health.  I have first-hand seen how these changes have made her a happier person and live a fuller life.  She has lost over fifty pounds and gained confidence that I now see written all over her face, every day. 

Since as long as I remember, my mom has been a working mom.  She has been a legal secretary with far too little vacation time for over 25 years.  She doesn’t leave until the job is done and done right. I watched her go in early and stay late countless days.  Her boss and co-workers love her, which tells me that even under work stress she stays upbeat and makes the atmosphere pleasant for those around her.  On top of a full time job she and my dad raised three children, which is a full time job in itself. 

My brothers and I had a wonderful childhood and have grown into happy and well-equipped adults and my mother is a big reason why.   She raised three very active children and supported us all through college and as we have entered the “real world”.  She taught us to be hard-workers, to know right from wrong, to respect others and love unconditionally.  She is the rock of my wonderful family and I know I speak for both of my brothers and my dad when I say we would be lost without her. 

These are just a few of the reasons, among many, why my mom should be the winner of your mother’s day giveaway.  While I am grateful to all mothers, I think mine is the best. 

Lauren Hunt nominated her mother, Eileen Hunt

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Mother's do so much for everyone else and they tend to neglect themselves.

Watch the video below to learn how you or your mom can win a 8 week Body Transformation and Full day of Spa Treatments…




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 Get A Grips Mothers Day Body Transformation & Spa Giveaway

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For those who been wanting the charts and calendar for the November Fun Challenge, here are the links… November Challenge – Chart November Challenge – daily chart November Challenge – Calendar Enjoy and remember you can start anytime.

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