Exclusive Summer Shape Up Special!

Exclusive to YOU!

Shape Up this Summer!

Why wait until AFTER the Summer to feel and look your best!

If you have been struggling and are still hiding under all the clothes – it's time to get OUT!

If you are killing yourself working out and STILL not getting Results! You NEED a Change!

SO many people spend time dwelling on how they look and feel! WHY? Find the solution and make it happen!


NOTHING feels better than feeling good about yourself inside and OUT!

And guess what it IS Possible to look in the mirror and Say I AM HOT!


I am on a HUGE Mission this year to help people FINALLY feel good about themselves and live their lives. I talk with people all the time and hear they don't want to be in the family pictures, they don't want to go out, they don't want to go on vacation, and all because THEY DON'T LIKE THE WAY THEY LOOK!

That KILLS Me!

IT is so SAD!

So, I am going to help people who are "READY NOW" to make a CHANGE!

They are ready to live the life they deserve. No more living behind closed doors and hiding everything you got!

Is that YOU?

If it is, I'm talking to you!

I promise you, if you come to these sessions and take my advice you WILL MAKE A CHANGE! I will help you do whatever it takes! BUT, you got to be ready.

Are you?

I want in now Exclusive Summer Shape Up Special!

Here's the ticket to finally being FREE OF THE PRISON you put yourself in!



bikini measuring tape 300x216 Exclusive Summer Shape Up Special!

You will Receive:

Two months (9 weeks)

July 1st- August 31st

3 days a Week Boot Camp

 Yoga Sessions

My Signature "Done-For-You" 21-Day Meal Plan

Unlimited Emails Support

Motivation Throughout

Assessments Done Before and After

Free Run Club

FREE Conference Nutrition Q & A call

Goal Setting Group Session

Food Journal Overview

FREE Mini Facial – nice treat/reward in the end


You will not get all of this in a gym! I CARE if you succeed!


Like I said, if you want to make a change, I will help you get there, I Promise!

(FYI- I am VERY funny about making promises and I won't if I have any doubt I am unable to keep them)


You need to respond to this by the July 1st as I will be taking it down, so I can dig in and help the people who signed up.

So, if you want in you MUST act NOW!

Investment only…$197.00

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