Never say…Never! Here is a girl who will give you inspiration to just get out there and do it and see where it takes you. I have been lucky enough to watch her evolve and have witnessed her determination, commitment, and her ability to see how to make the journey easier on herself. I couldn't be more proud of her!

Here is what she has to say…

I have never really been athletic or into fitness but about 2 years ago I decided to do a 5K and that turned into triathlons. In the past year and a half I completed my first 5K and completed 4 triathlons. I made a decision to tackle the big dog, St. Anthony’s, an Olympic distance triathlon, 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike, and 10K run.

One day I saw an awesome deal for Get-a-Grip boot camp. I already had a gym membership but thought I might need some extra help achieving my new triathlon goal. I started with Carrie in January not really sure what to expect and if it would honestly pay off towards my end goal. When I started I could swim about a quarter mile. After one month I had doubled….Doubled my swim distance. That is when I knew I had to keep going and I continued my membership.

After only 2 more weeks I was swimming two-thirds of a mile. I could not believe how fast my swim distance was improving. Almost every week I walked into boot camp with a new distance I had achieved. On May 1st I completed St. Anthony’s!!!! One of my proudest moments ever and I have to thank Carrie for helping to make me both physically and mentally stronger and for being a great motivator! Thanks Carrie for helping me achieve one my biggest and toughest goals.

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  1. Teri Chapman-Davies says:

    Thanks for helping Tiffany reach her goal. I am her Aunt and witnessed her determination while training – she is one determined lady…..!
    She bragged about how your program helped her gain real strength – and endurance. She aced the swim – exited the bike course with a smile while clicking her heels for her fans …… and finished strong in the run with a sprint to the finish line. 
    While she said at times the program was tough – she knew it was helping her accomplish her goal. 
    Your program works – she IS stronger with more endurance! The proof is in the pudding – and she FINISHED St Anthony's with a smile!!!
    Thanks again,
    Teri….. Aka Aunt Bill

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