Cardio Cave


“Your Cardio Solution for Burning “CRAZY FAT” Long After you Finish your Workout!”

NO MORE Wasting your TIME!

The “Cardio Cave Room” is a dark room filled with 9 Stations of “State-of-the-Art” equipment such as the Helix (Lateral Trainer for the famous inner and outer thighs) RealRyder (the indoor cycle which moves side to side to engage your core), Stepmill (can you say…stairs)and the Ab Coaster (talk about your core) to name a few. Every time you enter the room you’ll experience a DIFFERENT HIIT workout.

We call it…Cardio Confusion or better yet…”Cardio with an After-Burn!”

Steady Cardio is great for your heart (any movement of your body is good). But, when you perform steady cardio you will burn only calories during the exercise itself with barely any after burn. With Interval (HIIT) Cardio (our Cardio Cave Workout System) you’ll not only build a strong healthy heart, but you’ll excel your fat loss as well. The Cardio Cave is set up to burn fat during your workouts and hours after.


Say good-bye to old boring cardio workouts which waste your time and “maybe” get you some results and try a new RESULTS driven workout fusion! It’s fun and addicting, so watch out.


This is the year for change…Try this soon-to-be NEW CRAVE!

Here’s what some of the people are saying…

“Cardio Cave was very FUN” said the girl that hates cardio icon smile Cardio Cave
Cardio Cave was the BOMB!! Loved it! High energy, loud music & sweat! What more could you want!
Wow! Cardio Cave was great! The time flew by compared to a boring old run, everybody should try this!
Not a fan of cardio? Well I am not, UNTIL THE NEW CARDIO CAVE, if you have not tried it you must!
Cardio Cave was a blast! High energy, fast paced, and kicks a**! Loved the inside/outside thigh and ab machines. Thanks Carrie…can’t wait til next week.


Here are 2 Heart Rate Monitor’s Readings of a 24-Minute Session with TWO GIRLS…

Cardio Cave calorie burn proof 300x225 Cardio Cave

OVER 500 Calories Each!

4-Weeks Once-a-Week Sessions Available!

Day & Time:

Tuesdays 6:45pm

Here is what more people are saying…

Cardio Cave is high energy, and produces results FAST!  I love it because I burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.  I always feel great when I leave.  Carrie changes it up each week so each class is different, but always fun and challenging!  If you want to see a major change in your body and mind, this is the class to take!

 Deann Tyner, Tampa, FL

Cardio Cave is a perfect way to round out your week. It’s a quick 30 minute class that burns TONS of calories. I love the small class size. You really get to know your fellow “cave” members who help push you to the finish. I was looking for ways to add some more cardio to my weekly routine and this is it. I burn more calories in 30 minutes of cardio cave than I would in over an hour of running! Totally worth it. 9 stations, loud music & awesome people….what more do you need.  I HIGHLY recommend Cardio Cave for anyone who’s looking for a fun fast way to burn  calories in a short amount of time. You get out of it what you put in! This is a great endurance builder and has help me tremendously in boot camp and in running. My PR has improved by 1 min. 30 sec (and I’m just a beginner) and I know it’s in part to Cardio Cave!

Amy Brudnyak, Tampa, FL

All I can say is “Wow”! Within minutes I was sweating and knew I was getting my booty kicked! It is the most effective use of time while getting a workout!

Tiffany Yip, Tampa, FL

“RESERVE your spot today as EACH class has ONLY 9 spots!”

$60.00 for a 4-Week, Once-a-Week Program!

(current members receive a VIP discount)

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