Ever wonder what your man really wants for Valentine’s Day? A steak dinner would be great and maybe a Tampa Bay Rays game but have you been looking for something creative, romantic and unique? Look no further…the perfect gift has arrived. And it’s all about YOU! My good friend, Jessica Leigh Herndon, owner of Jessica Leigh Photography, is offering the gift of YOU to your significant other (what they really want). She does amazing photography work and this is YOUR opportunity to feel beautiful and have some REAL fun! Let’s face it, men are visual creatures. One of the best gifts you can give the man in your life is something he will remember and cherish…sexy photos of you! “Sexy” is not a clothing size, height, weight or the color of your hair, eyes or skin. Sexy is how you feel and 99% of the time, your man sees that more than you do! So, remember it’s not about how you’re described on your driver’s license. Whether you see yourself as a cowgirl or a pin-up girl, it’s all about the attitude! Jessica has created a “Choose Your Special” Boudoir Portrait Photography Sale so you get to pick the discount or deal that best suits you. This offer is good for January, February and March of 2011. Your session must be shot during these months! Jessica says, “Many women have inspired me throughout these sessions—I love shooting them because I get to see amazing women transform from mothers, wives and businesswomen to confident sex goddesses!” Be proud of the skin you’re in! Click here to learn more.

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