Fitness Boot Camps can be fun. Yes, I said fun. It is not always easy, but with each other you do it and you feel AWESOME about yourself after. I have a love-hate relationship with my campers; they hate me during the workout and love me after. I am ok with that. But, you can ask anyone of them if they really like it and they will say "it's sick but I look forward to it." They like it for the accountability, the family everyone becomes, and the done-for-you formula, and of course the results (did I mention our team & me). If you haven't tried our boot camps check out my website: locations available in Brandon, Odessa, Wesley Chapel, South Tampa, and Land O'Lakes. If you can't check out one of mine, I can refer you to others; just ask. Oh, and no one is left behind; meaning any level, age, shape or form. Myself and team have the experience to keep everyone moving and everyone getting what they need from it, so rather you are over weight or an athlete, come check it out. We have 1 week FREE trail going on now. Even if boot camp isn't for you, commitment to at least 15 minutes a day of physical activity, so you can enjoy life longer with your family & friends and reduce your health risks. It is no fun being sick! Get out & play.

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