I won’t forget when Kameron started boot camp. He came to the camp with just “Girls” at the time. He was quiet, but the girls wouldn’t have it. They amused him and encouraged him all the same breathe. The group was very tight, but we had a vocal side and a quiet side, and both sides were always trying to get Kameron on THEIR side. He would always be in the middle. He made the camp a lot of fun to say the least.

As you will read in his story, his work schedule got too crazy and he had to stop coming. We were super bummed! But, luck had it and he returned back this year. He seems to have it all down pat now. He makes no excuses to get his exercise in with us or without. He has made HUGE improvements in class and transforming his body. He shows people that, there are no excuses to not exercise. He reminds me of the statement…”You don’t have the time, then MAKE the time” and Kameron does just that.

I couldn’t be more happy to have him back as part of the Get A Grip Family! He is a great guy!

Here is his story…

So, there I was surfing the net and trying to find a good deal online.  I see this ‘boot camp” Groupon and thought, it would be nice to get some exercise to lose some of the extra weight, plus my cholesterol levels could use some improvement.  That was back in 2010.  I still remember the first time there, feeling a bit hesitant about being the only “guy” in the class of ladies.  I was not sure how it was going to go, but I figured, it’s a great deal so let’s give it a try.  I’m glad to say that not only did I enjoy the class, but also felt I was very much welcomed by the ladies (you know who you are)!  Of course, Carrie made it easy to start the camp, regardless of my fitness level.  She is not only inspiring (in the butt-kicking kind of way) but also great at encouraging the campers to go for the extra mile.  

I stuck with Carrie for many months before my work’s travel schedule took the time away for boot camp.  However, I’m happy to share that since January of this year, while the travel schedule is still hectic, I recommitted back to the boot camp.  On days that I know I have to travel, I started using Carrie’s “travel-workouts”.  These workouts are fantastic and can be done in a hotel room, hotel’s gym, or just outdoors.  I’ve done them in Tokyo, Sao Paulo, London, as well as many cities in the U.S. You can almost hear Carrie’s voice as you follow the instruction from those workouts!  The best part is my results: in January my weight was 202lbs and I’m now at 177lbs (using my own scale) ; my cholestrol levels was yo-yo’ing above the 200 level but happy to report now it’s well under. More importantly, I feel more energized and crave to do more.  I find myself looking forward to the camp days, even at 6am in the morning!!

If you are on the fence (especially for guys), this is a perfect environment to get started.You will find the schedule to be flexible and the classes to be “fun”.  Even when you have to go on vacation or travel for work, you will have the resources to help you stay on track.

Kameron 187x300 Spotlight Sunday...Kameron Chao. No Excuses is His Motto!

Your Commitment is MUCH admired Kameron! Congrats!

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