I was approached back in April by a dear friend of mine about holding a clothing drive to benefit Dress for Success of Tampa Bay. I didn't want to just tell people to bring clothes to the studio on "x' day. I wanted it to be something more!

I came up with an idea to do a Couple's Body Transformation, where they wear the clothing they were going to grow out of and donate to the clothing drive at the end of the contest because it on longer fit! I figured with the couple's transformation they would have an additional accountability (they won't want to let their partners down) and I gave away a cash prize of $400.00 (this is where the motivation came in). I also decided to give away one free month of boot camp to 3 teams for other milestones to give them more opportunities to win.

I wanted a win-win situation. Whether they won a prize or not they would have some successes with getting closer to their goals and Dress for Success would walk away with a ton of clothes!

The final day of the contest, the contestants did their assessments gave their donations and others took advantage of the drop off as well. We had my dear friend, Suzanne Neff (on the board of Dress for Success of Tampa Bay) gave a presentation about the benefits of their program and how every little bit helps! We were very happy to pack her truck. Everyone was SO generous! Thank you again everyone!

It was a great SUCCESS!

I am very proud of everyone who participated and there wasn't one person who didn't show some kind of improvement. It was a HIT!

Here is the final results…


Keri Howard and Lori DeFabio

They lost a combined inch loss of 42", 27.4lbs, 26% improvement in lean muscle %


Won a Free Month of Boot Camp Each…


Highest Inch Loss

Shea Graff and Robin Stonaker

A combined inch loss of 28.25"

(over 2 feet!)


Best Fit Assessment Improvements

Sherri Lennon and Jenn Burke

A combined 93 reps improvement on the 3 fit test exercises and 8:16 improvement on 2 timed fit test exercises!


Lean Muscle % Improvement

Leslie Zedell and Jessica Suhar

Combined 19% improvement


The rest of the group did awesome also! It was very close and they all should be proud! I'm looking forward to the next one!