1. When you’re done eating move from the table, so you don’t eat more!

2. Be careful standing around a snack table.

3. Use a smaller dish/plate.

4. Make sure you have ½ a plate of healthy foods.

5. Throw away your plate when you done eating. You can always get another one later.

6. Drink alcohol and sugar drinks (including soda) in moderation. Drink water in between each!

7. Take a bite and if it doesn’t taste” really good” – DON’T EAT IT! Make sure it’s calorie worthy!

8. Small indulges. Have a little!

9. Share! Split a small treat with someone else. Half the calories!

10. Keep the healthy foods and send others home with the REST!

11. Eat something before you go or if you’re cooking eat before, too. Going or eating starved will make you overeat.

12. Workout at some point during the day – Boot Camp 9am Lutz or other scheduled times through the holiday.

13. Drink plenty of water!

14. Bring something healthy to the party that you like.

15. Perform the following exercises 45 minutes to an hour BEFORE your dinner and AFTER your dinner within 1.5 hours, you’ll increase your metabolism and bit. 50 jumping jacks, 25 jump squats, 25 push-ups, 25 burpees, 25 push-ups, and end with 50 jumping jacks. Warm up first and cool down and the end. This will take you under 15 minutes!

16. Moderation is key!

17. Remember the true meaning of the holidays (it’s not the food)!

There you have it! Print this out and READ REGULARLY!


Be strict to your goals. But remember if you slip up…STOP and just MOVE FORWARD!

Thank you SO much for being a part of my life and the Get A Grip Family! You’re the best people in the world and I’m very thankful today and always!

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Families!



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