Hitting the Wall I ran a 10 mile race in March 2009 and actually finished. I hit a wall between 7-9, but my friend, Beth (Thanks Beth) was right there with me, so I had to do it. Plus, I knew if I walked I'd have to live with that for a while with myself. I reached in deep to my heart and just kept running. I truly did not want to. I just kept saying to myself, I can do it and after I would have been so disappointed if I walked. I created more pain to the walking then to the actual pain I was feeling (I was exhausted). I was not training for it, so I just wanted to finish and not quit running (other than to get water). I did it! Now, I can use this experience in other accomplishments in my life and/or challenges. Like today, I decided to do my 24 hour fast. Now, this is a challenge, but I keep reminding myself of the feeling I had between my 7-9 mile and it keeps me drinking lots of water and eating no food. Maybe this can inspire others in some way. This journey is a great experience to see how "mind over matter" really works. Create pain to what you don't want (lots of pain) and TONS of pleasure to what you do want. Learn from my story. I really wanted to stop, every body part wanted me to stop, but my heart & mind WON! Yours can too! The mind is a POWERFUL thing, use it to your advantage! PS I got to eat 2 brownies as a treat for that run. I definitely ran that off.