About Us…

Get a Grip Total Fitness is a private studio located in Lutz, Land O’Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Florida. We offer a hybrid model of…In-Person, On-demand and Virtual opportunites. We have group, personal, strength and recovery sessions 6 days a week. Our programs use movements that are similar to those you use every day, making them not only safe, but highly effective.

Our goal is to help you place yourself on your priority list and help you create a “lifestyle” for your fitness & health. We take the guesswork out of the fitness & health puzzle, so you can use your energy for your other important priorities in life.

We take pride in offering an environment for all shapes, sizes, ages & fitness levels! From people just starting their journey to those who are wanting to next level their fitness. We keep our program varied so that every time you come to session, you’re doing something different from your last session – eliminating boredom and creating REAL results! With our programming, it allows you to not have to live at the studio unless you want to. 3 times a week will get you great results.

Is it your time to upgrade your fitness & health and lock arms with our experienced coaches and the best community (family) in town? We are here to help people exceed their goals & dreams (make them reality) and have fun doing it! 

Our Coaches…


  • Founder/Owner
  • Head Fitness Coach
  • Triathlon Coach
  • Kettlebell/TRX Coach
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Mindset Expert
  • Life & Health Coach
  • High Performance Coach


  • Fitness Coach


  • Fitness Coach
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Triathlon & Run Coach
  • Foam Roller Expert


  • Administrative Assistant
  • Fitness Coach
  • Pilates Instructor



5 Stars
I have been getting healthy with Get A Grip Total Fitness now for five plus years. My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner. There are all ages and levels of fitness here. Everyone is accepting of others and supportive of your individual goals. I have learned so much about working out, nutrition, and how to be consistent. I have also made so many personal friendships. If you are looking for more than just a gym and want total health, this place is for you.


5 Stars
GAG is the best thing to happen to me for my health and fitness. Great workouts, nutrition advice and awesome peeps who are always cheering each other on and encouraging me to excel beyond even my own expectations, which I thought were 'enough'. I LOVE this place and these people!


5 Stars
I’m loving the virtual workouts!! During this safe at home period having these workouts to do are a life saver! Having 2 little ones in the house it’s important for them to see their parents living a healthier lifestyle and it’s fun when they join in! The workouts are available via Facebook Live or zoom or just written out and it’s easy to do them along with Carrie and crew or whenever I can squeeze in 45 mins! Having the ability to watch the Facebook live stream at a later time is great to make sure I’m keeping my form on target!