Our Certified & Experienced Coaches…

Carrie Kukuda

Owner & Head Fitness Coach

  • Triathlon Coach
  • Kettlebell/TRX Coach
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Mindset Expert
  • Life, Health & High Performance Coach
  • High Performance Coach
  • 28+ Years Experience in the Fitness & Health Industry

I know all to well of the lifelong challenges we all can face with our bodies & minds. I had my own struggle with body image and it took many of years to combat the obstacles and preservere. It will always be in the back of your mind, but I can help you conquer those thoughts and voices, so you can win in life and not stay a prison to it!

My mission is to make our communites & world stronger, healthier & happier inside and out. We aim to inspire you, empower you, help you cut through the B.S. and help you reach (NO) exceed your limitless potential.

Anything is possible!

We have every shape, size, age and fitness level here and it just works. We attract the best of the best in people; there is no doubt. This is a fitness family. They have each others back and have made lifelong fun memories & deep friendships over the years.

My vision for you is to press play on your life. Be our next fitness family member and success story. We have your back and will help you build your clarity, courage and confidence to live out your life as you desire, deserve and were made for in your life!

Suffering is my enemy and I WILL do everything in my power to help you defeat it!

Get a Grip is a special place, if you don’t believe me…give us a try:-)



Fran Julien

Fitness Coach

  • Fitness Coach

Fran has had her own transformation story before us and with us. She has transformed from the inside and out.

She understands all too well the commitment, the discipline, getting guidance and what it takes. That’s one the reasons he decided to become a personal trainer, so he could help other’s do the same.

One of the other reasons, she just loves fitness and what it has done for physically & mentally. She is one strong woman.

You will feel her passion and big heart in every session!


Michele Musto

Fitness Coach

  • Fitness Coach
  • Yoga Instructor
  • CPR/AED 
  • Triathlon & Run Coach
  • Foam Roller Expert
  • 7+ Years Experience in the Fitness & Health Industry

She came to us in 2012 as a client. One of the quietest in the room. She had conquered her own weight loss of losing 60lbs, but that was just the beginning. She was a avid runner, but saw the missing link to having strength & conditioning to her fitness plan. She decided to see what we were all about. She loved the convenient times at our studio, the style of our workouts and the nutrition guidance we offered. She took to it so fast and decided she wanted to INSPIRE  & ENCOURAGE others (always aspired to inspire others); never dreaming that becoming a fitness trainer was the avenue she would take.

She loves being a student of proper form and efficency of movement.

Fast forward to today…She was joined our team and coachings our group training, triathlon team, run club, yoga and she wholeheartedly believes and lives the programs we teach for health, nutrition, and fitness at Get a Grip Total Fitness. She embraces our Mission to EMPOWER others to maximize their full potential and believe nothing is impossible.

She is not only a coach with us, but one of our biggest transformations both inside and out.

She continues to learn and grow as a trainer and person. She is no longer the quietest in the room; what a great journey!

She likes to invite you to join us in your own journey.


Gazelle Stevens

Fitness Coach

  • Fitness Coach
  • Administrative Assistant
  • CPR/AED 
  • Pilates Instructor
  • Barre Instructor
  • 5+ Years Experience in the Fitness & Health Industry

She started at the studio as a member in 2013 when she  tried our Signature 21-day Belly Blast Program and she said she knew right away that this gym was different than any other place I’d worked out at before.  The atmosphere was inspiring and more like a family than a gym.

She have been active her entire life, playing softball and running track in high school, then working out at gyms as she got older and when life got too crazy, she ran on her treadmill or do fitness DVD’s at home.

After being a member with us a few years, she became our adminstrative assistant (Get a Grip’s Happiness Caretaker). This gave her an opportunity to get to know people even more, their journeys and fitness goals; she was inspired to get certified and teach. She added along the way pilates and barre to offer to our fitness family (I love to see all our trainers grow into their passions when it comes to training and their lives).

She always says  how very appreciative of the opportunities that Get a Grip has afforded her as a member and trainer, and looks forward to sharing her experience and expertise with our current members, as well as our future members to be.

Jamaal Soloman

Stretch Coach

  • Stretch Coach 
  • Corrective Exercise

He knows his stuff. His goal is to help people feel & move better. Improve mobility, flexibility and be more pain-free. His energy is contagious, fun and makes you want to come back for more! 

Stretching is so important to your overall movement, recovery, and health. Hence the reason, we had to have him a part of the team.