Our Fitness Families Awesomeness…

Marie K.

Coach Carrie and her team of caring and motivational trainers make each workout challenging and fun. I have been a member for over 9 years and have learned so much about nutrition, staying healthy, proper form and so much more. Get a Grip Total Fitness is a welcoming place that is designed to help every member reach goals they never thought were possible. I am 66 years young and have never felt better. I joined Carries 12 week triathlon training program last year and was able to complete my first triathlon. No two workouts are the same and Carrie continues to create new challenges to keep us on track to be our best healthy self!


Michele M.

Get a Grip is not the typical gym. Carrie Kukuda has created an environment where motivation is key and “can’t” does not exist. Her clients find a place where they can achieve goals they were once afraid to dream about. The bootcamp program is designed for all levels and grows with your successes. After many years of being an on again, off again exerciser, I have been at Get a Grip over seven years and am always excited to go to my sessions. Once you find Get A Grip, you’ll never leave! The support is here, the motivation is here, the results are here!!


Jessica M.

If you’re like me, you never considered yourself a “Gym Person.” I’m quite a bit out of shape and very overweight and was afraid of joining a gym or taking a class and feeling judged and not good enough. Get A Grip Total Fitness was the answer to the dream I didn’t know I had. My sister-in-law convinced me to join a challenge with her and I found in Get A Grip not just a welcoming, challenging, encouraging gym and coach (owner Carrie Kukuda), but an amazing COMMUNITY of people who encourage one another regardless of ability or need for modifications, Everyone is gently prodded to do the best they can, and set goals so they can achieve more. As the saying goes,”It doesn’t get easier, you get better!” I’ve only been attending for about 3 months, and I still spend a good deal of the class out of breath, but I find that Carrie and the Get A Grip Community give me the little push and accountability I never found when left to my own devices. I never had fun exercising before, and even on the days I “hate” it, I really do love it. I’ve found someplace I can get healthy at and all the tools I need to get to my happy place physically. Definitely check this place out!


Gwen W.

Why Get a Grip is different…I’d say effectiveness of the entire program and what GAG stands for. Yeah people care, people hold you accountable. But GAG really showed me what it meant to have a balance, it’s okay to have cheat meals, it’s okay to live your life and do it in a way that is effective and sustainable. There’s no competition and no judgment at GAG, there’s support and motivation to be the best you…. not fit in a mold and live the image someone else wants for you. There’s always support, whether it’s in person, phone, via online, etc, there’s a way to get what you need. You’ve always been there for me, no matter where I am living or what stage I am in life… college, post college, competition, post competition, pregnancy, and postpartum. Tampa, Clearwater, Miami, and Orlando. That’s priceless. 


Jennifer B.

I’ve never been to a gym like Get a Grip Total Fitness! Once you walk in the door the owner Carrie Kukuda makes you feel welcome and comfortable. She truly cares about you as a person! This is truly a family gym and it is for every shape and size. The virtual workouts are amazing and there is no greater people than grippers!


Lana A.

Get A Grip is like no other gym. The best decision I ever made to join. Carrie Fleming Kukuda is an awesome coach and has an amazing team that works with her. She cares about your health, fitness and well being. I’ve been a member for 8 years and I’ve become a runner and a triathlete. It’s a family that supports and motivates you. The virtual workouts have been great during the pandemic to keep us on track.


Anne P.

YES!!! shout on the roof tops GET A GRIP TOTAL FITNESS…. my fitness family and beyond! Carrie Kukuda and the entire coaching team are top notch with endless energy!!


Jenna K.

This isn’t a gym, it’s far more & for that, far superior. Gyms can be daunting and cold. This is a family, warm & welcoming. There isn’t a single stranger! Everyone is made to feel welcome. This place is pure heart! The support is endless & genuine😊 Not only the support of the coaches but how everyone at the gym are the fans! Cheering each other every step of the way, celebrating your wins!
This gym is COMMUNITY, anyone would be lucky To be a part of it. Much love to Carrie and Get a Grip for all the positivity you bring to this community 💗


Sandy K.

I have been a member for almost seven years. I would highly recommend GAG! Not only are the workouts awesome, Carrie and the trainers make you feel welcome. They are always willing to help in any way they can. With all the craziness going on, Carrie has made sure that we have kept not only our bodies healthy, but our minds as well with the Virtual workouts. We are all a big happy family ❤️


Suzanne T.

Get A Grip is my tribe. Carrie and her coaches train, motivate, teach and care for each of us individually not just for our physical wellbeing but for our total wellbeing. This tribe is made up of some of the best friends you will ever want. ❤️


Amy S.

Thank you for mentioning one of my very favorite places. ❤️ Get A Grip has made a great impact on me for the past 7 years. I love doing life with these folks❣️ The trainers truly care and they know each of us so well individually, that they are able to provide just the right physical, emotional, & nutritional insight & encouragement. Get A Grip is way more than a gym, it’s a place where like-minded people develop true friendships & support each other on many levels.


Debbie M.

Going on 8 years for me and I have never been healthier in my life. Carrie and her team are very educated, helpful, uplifting and create an environment that feels like a second family. During social distancing, they have not skipped a beat. Carrie has gone above and beyond to help each and every one of the members still get good solid workouts on our regular schedule all while lifting our spirits in a virtual environment. Mind, body and soul.


Janette B.

Get a Grip is community, friendship a safe place where you get to work out and build great relationships. I can’t wait for it to open back up (pandemic time). There is not other gym around like it.


Gazelle S.

Get a Grip is the best gym I’ve ever worked out at! Carrie is so inspiring and motivating and since we’ve been closed, not only has she provided us with virtual workouts every day, but she also provides emotional support to keep us all going during this difficult time. I don’t know what I’d do without my GAG family and am anxiously awaiting the reopening so I can see them all again! ❤️❤️❤️


Lisa B.

Have been a member for almost 7 years! So much more than a gym! I personally could not recommend a better place❤


Crystal & Elliott G. 

Thank you for shout out of Get A Grip! GAG has always been an awesome gym, but during this time Carrie (owner) and her team have really proven they love what they do and their people. They have offered virtual classes since this has started and now offering this awesome program so others have an outlet to stay fit during this time. This is my fitness home. 


Leda P.

If anyone is looking for a place where you can really see true transformation, a dedicated team of instructors and a creative and caring person like Carrie Fleming Kukuda and want to workout with not just random people, but friends, you definitely need to get a taste of Get A Grip. #AbsolutelyAwesome


Bernie M.

I joined Get a Grip Total Fitness a little over a year ago and learned so much than just working out and staying healthy. The owner Carrie and team are very helpful and knowledgeable. They all have their own specialties from Pilates, YOGA, to AIS- Active Isolated Stretching and so much more. One of the many benefits I like and appreciate about the studio is that they have many programs tailor fit to individual need. You just have to be clear on what you want to accomplish, follow the program and see the results. Now let’s talk about the members or what I usually call as my GAG Family. They are warm, welcoming, encouraging, and very supportive. Going to the 5am is FUN and interactive, yes I said it 🙂 I prefer to workout at five o’clock in the morning so I can focus on my work and family and not have to worry about it at the end of the day.
The recent pandemic took a toll on everybody. None of us are prepared for the life changing event socially and economically. My coaches made sure to stayed in touched and checked on my Mental Health and Emotional well being. I am very thankful and Blessed to be a part of a team that cares so much for each other. Get a Grip Total Fitness is more than a Fitness Studio and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a change.


Elisabeth B.

You receive personalized attention when you make the decision to join this group of like-minded folks who all have the same goal; looking good, feeling great and enjoying life by engaging in a fun atmosphere promoting fitness!!


Patty L.

Get a grip total fitness has total transformed my world! I tried it out last year as a 21 day challenge due to a friend that was a member. I joined the triathlon team and then immediately joined as a member! The staff are so uplifting and knowledgeable! They believe in me and encourage me to be a better me! It’s a huge community of like minded people of all ages! No matter what type of nutrition, exercise are are use to it is a place for ANYONE! It’s so convenient for my crazy busy family/work schedule! The owner Carrie Kukuda has so much knowledge and experience to share and will stop at nothing to help you reach your highest goals! I highly recommend this Bootcamp studio to anyone who is ready to change their lives for the better once and for all!!!!!


Shawna W.

Would give more than 5 stars if I could. Bought a groupon and was hooked ever since. Carrie gave me my life back after having my baby!


Carol R.

If you’ve tried other gyms, plans, diets with no success, it’s time to look at Get A Grip! It is a full service gym with plans to fit you specifically. Education is a huge part of the process. I personally dropped 3 clothing sizes! The best part of this gym are the members. The support and encouragement is constant. Whether your goal is to kill it in a boot camp class or guided training to complete a marathon or become a triathlete, this is your place! Carrie and her team will help you be the best you!


Yami C. & Mario D.

I love this place. You will feel like, why didn’t I know about this gym sooner. The coaches are absolutely wonderful. Coach Musto my first encounter, she is an amazing lady and one that makes you feel like you got this. Even after being so out of shape and not stepping into a gym to really give it your all. She has a heart of gold and the best cheerleader you can have by your side. Arik, second coach he’s a big teddy bear tough on the outside but so caring and loving. He will push you to your best and prove to you that everything is possible with modifications. I have a bad knee, so I get modifications all the time. Coach Kakuda/owner, this is one gifted person. She is loving, caring and truly loves her job. She works crazy hours and will always have the best smile to make your day better. I had my class with coach Kukuda, oh I thought why am I here. We texted because it was very difficult and challenging. It gets better and you wake up wanting more of GAG. She is one of the best things that happened to my family in 2017