Vicki is an inspiration to us all. Read her story… I would like to share my "Carrie success story". I can already hear Carrie giving me all the credit, she is very humble like that, but if the truth be known, I would never have my life and good health back without her. As a part of my background, I am a breast cancer survivor, mother of 4 young adult children, 56 years old, and fibromyalgia sufferer.

Due to the widespread pain of the fibro, even though exercise was highly recommended, it was always the last thing on my to-do list. With the help of acupuncture, I began to start feeling better. At my yearly physical back in February, my internist urged me to begin an exercise program…I had gained weight and had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I knew Carrie from my networking group and knew some of the ladies who already were participating in her boot camp and they all encouraged me to give it a try. I remember thinking I wasn't going to tell my husband, I would just sign up for this, do it, and see if he would eventually notice! Unfortunately, after the first day of boot camp, I was so sore, it was very obvious that I had done more than my usual walking to the mailbox idea of exercising! So, the secret was out! I started going twice a week and then wanted to go three times a week on Saturdays too. Gradually, which is the healthy way of doing this weight loss thing according to everything you read, I began to lose weight and drop inches! I could also tell that my stamina and endurance were improving as I could do more repetitions and sets of the exercises. I am even participating in a 5K run in November! In seven months, I have lost 30 pounds and countless inches…I started as a size 10 and now wear a size 4. Definitely, RESULTS! So, let's talk Carrie. Having never formally exercised before, boot camp sounded pretty intimidating. But, I found that Carrie is not there to be a drill sergeant. She has a way to her personality that makes you want to do your best, push through, try one more rep, do one more set without embarrassing you or being critical. She makes this fun and you really WANT to go, and on those rare occasions when you have a conflict, you MISS being there. And, you miss your new friends that are in the camp with you. In just a few months we have built up such a camaraderie that we really enjoy being together, encouraging each other during the hour of exercising and with personal issues as well. There is a lot of sweating and moaning at boot camp, but we laugh a lot too and really have a great time! I have never left an hour of working out sorry that I attended! It's become a part of my life, Carrie and these friends are now a part of my life too. For anyone even remotely thinking about this, I can only say it has completely changed my life. I am healthy. I am happy. I feel great! And I am having fun doing it! ★★★★★  Vicki Peters Congratulations Vicki! And yes, you owe it to yourself for your determination and hard work!

You are amazing, Vicki!!!!