This Post was written by Jessica from Jessica Leigh Photography. Every Thursday she gives thanks to someone who she is thankful for in her life and one of those people was me! I thought I would share it with you. If you have any photography needs I HIGHLY recommend you contact her http://www.jlpflorida.com. Thankful Thursdays: Jessica Leigh Photography Thanks ‘The Someday Coach" Carrie Kukuda Posted by: Jessica

Titled: Fitness trainer helped Tampa photographer Jessica Leigh get fit and healthy in boot camp. When it comes to exercise, I quit everything. I’ll try a kickboxing class, buy a Tae Bo DVD or join a gym and within a few months, I have wasted my time and money. That all changed when I met Carrie Kukuda in 2009. We met as members of a networking group called BLAB, Business Ladies Advancing Business. She pitched herself as a life coach, a nutrition expert and a fitness trainer. Kukuda backed up all of her credentials with results. I have been in her boot camp for approximately five months, attending a session at least twice a week. For exercise enthusiasts, that may not sound like dedication. But I can now admit I am completely addicted to Carrie’s boot camp and have no intention of quitting. I schedule clients and personal appointments around boot camp. If I have to miss one, I work hard to fit in a “make up camp” as soon as possible. When I go on vacation, I do similar work outs so I don’t get off track when I return. I make better food choices and look forward to the “high” I get after I’m done with a session. Since I lift heavy gear and end up in strange positions for my job as a photographer, I always have back pain and muscle soreness after shoots. Being active in boot camp has helped me gain muscle strength and stamina while I’m on my feet for hours. Kukuda’s classes are different because I never know what to expect each day I come to camp. And I not only have accountability with Carrie but also with the other people I’ve bonded with in camp. If someone misses a day, we all ask where they are and what their excuse is for missing. I asked Carrie to explain why she does what she does. She said, “I do what I do because I am passionate about helping people. I have a gift I can offer them to help them change their lives. It is not a job to me, it is who I am. It is what gets me up in the morning at 4am and it's what makes me happy when I go to bed at night. People should live their best life and I am happy to share the tools for them to make it happen.” Thanks Jessica! You are an amazing person!