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21-Day Belly Blast Challenge!

Who ELSE wants to lose 7-15 pounds in just 21 days….GUARANTEED!?


In fact, not only will you LOSE FAT, but this program is:

  1. Designed to re-train your body to OPTIMIZE YOUR METABOLISM
  4. And…is a 100% STRUCTURED MEAL PLAN, so you will KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO, and WHEN to do it! 

In FACT, for our average campers…

Women will LOSE 7-13 lbs

& Men will LOSE 10-15 lb

We’ve been testing and fine-tuning this program for years, and are absolutely THRILLED with the results.

The best part about it is…. it’s ONLY for 3 weeks!!  

And EVERYONE can do something for just 3 weeks, RIGHT!?!


Here Are Some of the Highlights…

  1. Calorie Confusion – you all know about “muscle confusion” thanks to P90X, so it makes sense why calorie confusion would work too.
  2. Fat Burning Workouts – designed to kick-start your metabolism, improve flexibility, strength, and energy levels
  3. Carb Cycling – Learn to eat the right carbs at the right time! Carbs are not the enemy, the time you eat them is.
  4. Phase One: Detox for the first 72 hours – this is the most challenging part, but once you are through it, you are HOME FREE!  This stage is designed to detoxify the toxins out of the bodies to create a more efficient, fat-burning machine!
  5. Calculating Your Water Intake – keeping hydrated is an important key to success. This will help you to feel fuller longer, so you will eat less!
  6. Cheat/Treat Meals – there’s always a HIGHER success rate when people know they can still have some of the foods they love. You’ll learn how to plan for the extra calories and STILL stay on track!
  7. Quick & Easy Healthy Recipes – to use if you don’t have a lot of time or don’t have cooking skills (like me)
  8. Quality Protein Powders & Protein Bars Suggestions– for on-the-go quick meals with less fillers and less artificial chemicals.
  9. Small Frequent Meals – to keep your energy up and combat binge eating! You will feel like they are eating ALL of the time!
  10. 90/10 Rule – Eat well 90% of the time and eat with no guilt 10% of the time. Anyone can do this and this program!


In fact, this program is SO SUCCESSFUL, that we packaged it up and now SELL IT TO OTHER TRAINERS TO USE!!

This program has now helped Thousands of people to DROP 7-15 pounds of FAT in just 3 weeks!!

Here’s What  A Few of Our 21-Day Challenge Participants have said…


”I decided to try the 21 day belly blast challenge when it was first launched. I was desperate to lose the extra 10 pounds that the plan said it could help mewith. …it didn’t lie…it helped me lose almost 12 lbs and almost a total of 6 inches! I was finally able to fit into those “skinny jeans” that were staring at me every day in my closet! Along with the weight and inches, it helped me overcome my coffee addiction, something I didn’t think was possible! The plan is awesome and it does work, I will be honest the first week was tough, but by the end of that first week I was already starting to feel healthier and I wasn’t craving the “bad” foods that I thought I was going to be depriving myself of. The plan really opened my eyes to just how much stuff I was eating on a normal day, I caught myself eating the food off my kids plates, something I never realized I was doing until I started this plan. I loved that my meals, snacks and workouts were already mapped out for me and all I had to do was just follow the rules. This is definitely not a “diet”, because I didn’t want to go back to the way that I was eating before, it had completely reprogrammed my thinking. By the time the 21 days were over I looked and felt great and had so much extra energy, I was very pleased with the results!  – Jenn C“

”When it comes to weight loss plans, I should be considered an expert.  I have tried EVERYTHING.  Some with moderate success, some with dramatic success, but never with lasting success.  The weight always came back, until I tried the 21-day belly blast challenge.

It was easy to remain on track during this program because the guide was easy to follow, and the recipes tasted great.  I wasn’t hungry and I was thrilled every time I stepped on the scale.  The genius of this program and what really sets it apart, is that after I completed the 21-day program, it stayed with me.  I did not fall back into my old bad habits.   I still wanted my green smoothie for breakfast, and I kept up with meal plan.  The 21-day belly blast challenge is not just a quick fix.  It provides you with the tools to make a lifestyle change.  To not only lose weight, but to keep it off.  I look and feel better than I have for years!  If you have been struggling with maintaining a healthy weight and are looking for lasting results….you have to try the 21-day Belly Blast Challenge! These girls know their stuff! – J. Burke“ 

The 21 day Belly Blast is an EASY to follow meal plan that gets RESULTS.  I have followed the meal plan numerous times and have lost inches all over my body.  I even lost inches and pounds over the holidays last year while the average person was gaining. After following the plan for 3 weeks, I lost 3+ pounds and just under 6 inches (and this was in only 3 measurements spots)!!  How cool is that to start the New Year!!!  Also, it was so easy for me to follow with the weekly grocery lists and the detailed meal plan.  It saved me time each week since I did not need to sit down and go through recipes to figure out what food to buy for the next week.  I loved that there was no guess work and I always knew what to eat so there was no need to just pick up some other not so healthy food.  This plan is not a diet and I felt like I was always eating.  There were times that I was still full when it was time to eat again!  The plan also contains built in motivation that keep me going and looking forward to the next meal or snack.  I learned that you need to feed my body every few hours and even confuse it sometimes to help boost my metabolism and shed the inches.  The belly blast is a life time keeper for me!!!  – Lori O’Brien “

So….Are you READY to join our 21-day challenge?

I’ll give you ALL the tools you need to succeed, but YOU need to take action!

This Challenge will take some dedication on your part… but I guarantee you will see results!

Most people don’t accomplish their goals because they don’t have a plan!

Well, here’s your chance to have it all “mapped” out for you.

You don’t have to think, JUST DO IT!

WARNING: This challenge is designed ONLY for people who are ready to commit for 21 days.


Here’s What the Belly Blast Program Includes:

 21-Day Belly Blast Meal Plan (first 3-days are Detox)

3 Boot Camp Workouts per week

In-Home Workouts (in case you miss a boot camp workout with us!)

Complete Before & After Measurements (and photos!)

TONS of Healthy Recipes

A Print-and-Go BB Grocery List

Fitness & Workout Tips

DAILY Motivation & Accountability

Need I say more?

Every Meal is Done-for-you.  (It even includes cheat meals.)

Yes, you can have a cheat meal!  This program will tell you the best time to have them.

Every workout is targeted to achieve maximum fat loss.

Get Healthy Recipes using the RIGHT ingredients and foods!

Motivation from us to keep you on track – accountability is KEY!

Stop jumping from diet to diet.  I will show you what works.

Sign up to reserve your spot today!


”I needed to jump-start my weight loss and started with the 21-belly blast.  After 21 days, I lost 9lbs and I was ecstatic. The 21-day is easy to follow. It lists the foods that you need to buy and also gives the weekly schedule of what to eat and when, it couldn’t get any easier than that.  I learned what   would be a healthy way of eating the right foods even with cheat days.   The green smoothie and the egg salad is absolutely delicious.  I would recommend this plan to anyone looking to lose a couple of pounds and break through plateaus! – Linda Arana“
”I started the 21 day Belly Blast late 2010 just before the holidays, I was very happy that I did because it helped me during the holidays.  I also asked my husband to join in because I thought with his  support I would truly stick with it.

The 21 day Belly Blast proved to be such a positive result for me, I lost nine pounds but what it resulted in was something greater than weight loss, it gave me the ability to make better choices about my food, making sure my fruits and vegetables were actually in my meal plans for the day and provided me with lots of structure each day. I have found myself in the past, starting off the day well and then getting so out of touch with what I wanted to eat, that results weren’t good. The 21 day Belly Blast proved to be the plan that kept me on track, it helped me realize what being full really meant and I feel great. My husband lost 16 pounds so together 25 pounds in three weeks. We have managed to maintain the loss and keep it off!!!! We went on vacation for a week and enjoyed ourselves without feeling guilty about what we ate; however, when we returned we picked the second week of the 21 day Belly Blast to help us get back on track! – Tammy Thornhill“

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21-Day Meal Plan, Grocery List, Goal Sheet, Measurement Assessment Form, Starter Guide, and At-Home Workouts.

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