Functional & Core Fitness…

Smarter Fitness & Core Training

If you’re like most people, you’ve tried a lot of different avenues when it comes to fitness.

You’ve likely joined a couple gyms in the past, maybe tried a few different classes, or even trained for a ½ marathon. We all want to be fit, to look and feel great, so we try out different methods, hoping that we find one that is fun, realistic, and most importantly, it delivers results.

A lot of time and money goes into this experiment, and often times, we’re left feeling disappointed. We begin pondering questions like “Am I just not working hard enough?” or “Am I not working out long enough?” Frustrations rise, motivation dwindles, and all of the sudden, you feel like you’re back to square one.

Our Functional & Core Fitness Sessions are the answer to the problem!

We’re here to change the way you see fitness & to get you the results you’re looking for and it doesn’t mean you have to live at the gym (unless you want)!

Community Driven Results

Here’s a question for you…

Do you perform better at a task when you are (a) held accountable or (b) not held accountable?

It’s easy, right?! We are much more likely to perform well on a task where people are counting on us, where people care whether or not we succeed; that’s why the community (we call family) at our studio matters as much as anything else. When you’ve got others around you, cheering you on to complete your workout, you’re going to work your butt off! And when you’ve got your friends and coaches waiting for you to show up, you’re going to find a way to make it to your session!

Accountability is King, and there’s no better accountability than a team of your follow new found friends who want you to reach your goals.

How We Do It…

We Make It Fun

When you show up to the gym and do the same thing, day in and day out, you get bored! Variety is the spice of life, right? We keep our program varied so that every time you come to your session, you’re doing something different from your last session. 

We Make It Realistic

We know that you don’t have the time to commit several hours of your week to exercise. With our emphasis on intensity and functional moves, you’ll reach your goals by showing up (and working hard) three or four times per week– that’s it!

We Deliver Results

Our program uses movements that are similar to those you use every day, making them not only safe, but highly effective.

We offer a Heart-Rate Monitoring System within our programming to help you see your efforts, hit your monthly goals and stay accountable to help ensure your success!

We do all the programming for you to get what you need without having to spend the time figuring it all out. Our members know and love that if they come into their sessions in the week, that they will receive what they need to see results and they can then spend the rest of the time on other things that matter in their life.

When you combine all of these functional movements with high and low levels of intensity (which you’ll learn how to do), you get results, period. 

Who Is This For?

Functional & Core Fitness sessions are for those that want to get fit and have fun in a group setting.

There are no prerequisites for joining our Functional Fitness Sessions. You don’t need to be a certain age, a certain size or at a certain fitness level to join– every BODY is welcome to be a part of our amazing group.

All you need to bring with you is a positive attitude, a eagerness to learn, and a willingness to work hard. We’ll take care of the rest!

Functional & Core Fitness

Functional & Core Fitness is a workout program which consists of constantly varied movements and intensities. The 45-60 minute sessions starts with your warm up and finishes with your cool down & stretch (both extremely important to your training).  Each day will be different not only for boredom purposes, but for getting the most out of each and every workout to level up your fitness & health.


5 Stars
I have been getting healthy with Get A Grip Total Fitness now for five plus years. My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner. There are all ages and levels of fitness here. Everyone is accepting of others and supportive of your individual goals. I have learned so much about working out, nutrition, and how to be consistent. I have also made so many personal friendships. If you are looking for more than just a gym and want total health, this place is for you.


5 Stars
GAG is the best thing to happen to me for my health and fitness. Great workouts, nutrition advice and awesome peeps who are always cheering each other on and encouraging me to excel beyond even my own expectations, which I thought were 'enough'. I LOVE this place and these people!


5 Stars
I’m loving the virtual workouts!! During this safe at home period having these workouts to do are a life saver! Having 2 little ones in the house it’s important for them to see their parents living a healthier lifestyle and it’s fun when they join in! The workouts are available via Facebook Live or zoom or just written out and it’s easy to do them along with Carrie and crew or whenever I can squeeze in 45 mins! Having the ability to watch the Facebook live stream at a later time is great to make sure I’m keeping my form on target!