Strength/Metabolic Resistance Training Camp…

Now’s The Time To Get Strong & Lean

The benefits of strength training are tremendous, and the long term and short term effects are worth their weight in gold. Everyone should be including it in their fitness regimen especially over 30.

Here’s what happens when you start focusing on Strength Training and Metabolic Resistance Training:

  • Your workouts get easier and more enjoyable as your strength increases.
  • Your confidence both inside and outside of the studio will fuel you to continue on, help you set bigger goals and even consider other goals in other areas of your life. 
  • You’ll increase your tendon and ligament strength and flexibility which helps decrease your risk of injury.
  • You’ll increase your bone density and muscle tissue. (One of the best ways to maintain healthy bone density as you age is to regularly strength train).
  • You’ll find that everyday, normal activities get so much easier the stronger you get.
  • You’ll get more lean without losing muscle.

Can we talk about that last one for a second, the one about how normal, daily activities get so much easier as strength increases? This is a HUGE benefit. Suddenly, things like playing with your kids, bringing groceries inside, or going hiking on vacation feel great and more effortless. And when daily life gets easier, your outlook gets brighter and your happier. 

So…if you thought that working on strength was just for people who wanted to get big, bulky biceps, think again! Focused strength training is for everyone, every BODY and a necessity. 

Functional & Core Fitness + Strength Training &
= Success

Functional & Core Fitness, whether done in a group setting or one-on-one, is the best way to get you results and enrich your every day life. Add our Strength Camp (Metabolic Resistance & VIIT Method) with our Functional Fitness Program and you’ve got one heck of a power team! 

In our Functional Fitness & Core Program, you’ll get a blend of cardiovascular endurance training, strength training, and body weight training. It’s an integrated, comprehensive program designed to hit all of the physical skills of fitness. In our Strength Training Camp, you’ll spend more time exclusively on strength combined a bit of conditioning to get more in less time. This focus allows you the necessary time to build muscle and reap all the rewards of focused strength training.

Depending on your goals, you’ll add one, two, or three days of strength training to your current schedule. 

No worries, we will help you design your goals and create a “Fitness Rx Plan” to include everything you need to reach success!

Who Is This For?

Our Strength Program is designed for anyone who has a goal of increasing overall strength and lean out; it’s not just for athletes.

*You will need to complete either our 21-Day Program or 30-days with us before being able to join the Strength Camp, so we already have accessed any injuries, limitations and your bodies flexibility and biomechanics. 

Get Strong… Stay Strong

It’s a FACT! Strength training will strengthen your body, heart and mind. It will increase your chances of living a higher quality and longer life. Putting your body and mind through the consistent strengthening process will prepare you to overcome stressful or physically demanding situations when they do arise in your life. We help the strong get STRONGER!



5 Stars
I have been getting healthy with Get A Grip Total Fitness now for five plus years. My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner. There are all ages and levels of fitness here. Everyone is accepting of others and supportive of your individual goals. I have learned so much about working out, nutrition, and how to be consistent. I have also made so many personal friendships. If you are looking for more than just a gym and want total health, this place is for you.


5 Stars
GAG is the best thing to happen to me for my health and fitness. Great workouts, nutrition advice and awesome peeps who are always cheering each other on and encouraging me to excel beyond even my own expectations, which I thought were 'enough'. I LOVE this place and these people!


5 Stars
I’m loving the virtual workouts!! During this safe at home period having these workouts to do are a life saver! Having 2 little ones in the house it’s important for them to see their parents living a healthier lifestyle and it’s fun when they join in! The workouts are available via Facebook Live or zoom or just written out and it’s easy to do them along with Carrie and crew or whenever I can squeeze in 45 mins! Having the ability to watch the Facebook live stream at a later time is great to make sure I’m keeping my form on target!