Nutritional Guidance

Eat This don't Eat that – misleading with media!


Do you get so frustrated with all the confusion & just want an easier way?

Do you start every Monday over again?

Do you overeat?

Do you need Motivation & Accountability?

Do you exercise but don't eat right, so you don't see results or you see very little?

Do you want a Solution to any of this?


We have programs to help you break through all the stuff out there and actually teach you to make it a Healthy Lifestyle. We know diets don't work! We will find out why it's not working for you & what plan of action we need to take! Our Solutions may include: Food Journal with me – Photos – Daily Text or Email Coaching – Weigh-to-Go Solutions Program – GAP Program – Meal Plans – Kitchen Makeovers – Grocery Tours- AND- Our Signature – 21 Belly Blast Challenge.

Whatever it takes to change your habit & life! Buying a book just isn't enough for 95% of the population – don't be in the same situation in 2013, then 2014, then 2015 – TAKE ACTION NOW! Call me today: (813) 600-5208