“8th ANNUAL Season is here…February 2020”




12-Week “Race-Ready” Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon Training Program

Starts the  week of February 25th & Runs through May 19th

(Dunedin Triathlon Race)


This 12-Week “done-with-you” race ready program will give you everything you need to be ready to participate in a SPRINT TRI (Olympic and Duathlon included) with us in May (Longboat Key’s Triathlon or Duathlon) or any other one you plan to attend this year.

You can expect to spend around 5-6 hours a week to prepare for the swim/bike/run portion.

This Complete Program Includes…

  • Weekly Workout Training Plans
  • Access to all Group Training Sessions – 2-3 a week
  • Weekly Swim, Bike, and Run Sessions
  • Weekly Coaching
  • Training Plans for when you are unable to attend
  • 1-Year Membership for Get a Grip’s Tri Team
  • Local Vendor Discounts
  • Discount Codes for Several of Races
  • Private Group Facebook Page to Communicate with Everyone easily and post questions to the coaches
  • Completion FREE Get a Grip Tri Cool fit Shirt
  • BONUS: All the Workshops! 

No fear!

Here is our Tri Team Coaches…

Coach Carrie has completed several sprint triathlons, several running distances races (5k, 8k, 10-mile, and ½ marathons), trained several athletes in the last 26 years in her fitness career, fitness trainer since 1993, and swam since she was 10 years old, coached a JR and Varsity Swim Team, and officiated the sport for several years. She helps you see that anything is possible in each of us.

Coach Michele afraid of water 5.5 years ago to completing several triathlons & Olympic and run races. Has been one of our Team Fitness Coaches at Get a Grip Total Fitness for over 5 years.  Her determination is top notch, expertise and she is one of our biggest motivators of every success.

Coach Jen has completed several triathlons distances including an Ironman. She knows her stuff and it committed to always helping others. She is everyone’s biggest fan.

We all love the sport!

With the number of people who are signed up for the training already, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to team up and train together even on your own time. The private Facebook Group page will make the communication real easy for us all.

This is what some participates are saying…

A little over a year ago my husband and I decided we wanted to kick start our lives and get fit, we bought a groupon for a three week boot camp at Get a Grip and then I planned on getting a membership at another gym, well needless to say, we never got another gym membership. After starting at Get a Grip, Carrie told us about her triathlon program, and the first thing that came to my mind was no way, she is crazy, I could never do that, I may be able to run, but I can’t swim and I HATE biking. After a lot of convincing we agreed and started our training. It was difficult, but comforting that we were able to train with a group of people who encouraged each other, and challenged one another to go just a little bit further.  After our first tri, which was extremely challenging for me (since I still HATE biking at this point), I completely refused to participate in another tri, telling everyone that I would never do one again….well after a lot of encouragement and some peer pressure from my tri buddy, I completed another tri, and after each tri, it got a little better each time. This year I’ve completed five sprint triathlons and one Olympic triathlon, where I placed third in my age division. After this amazing and crazy year, why not continue it into 2014? With Carrie and the help of Get a Grip fitness, there are about 8 of us currently signed up for St. Anthony’s  Olympic distance tri and Ironman 70.3 Augusta triathlon, and I couldn’t even imagine this would be possible if it wasn’t for the help of my husband, tri buddy and get a grip fitness team. 
-Lisa Heath

Doing a triathlon?!  That’s just nuts…I’ve never had formal swim training, I have a bike that I only use to ride around the neighborhood with my kids, plus I really don’t enjoy distance running… why would I do a triathlon?!  Great question!  Maybe it was the GAG family, maybe it was a personal challenge, but I think it was Carrie and her coaching style that convinced me to participate!

My get-healthy and get-fit journey with Carrie started 3+ years ago but it wasn’t until last year, when she suggested a triathlon, that I really kicked my workout focus into high gear.  Despite of all the fears and intimidation factors, I finished my first triathlon after I went through her training program.

From the first day of the training, she assured the group that if we follow her first-time training program, we will be able to reach the goal and complete the triathlon.  She truly believed in each person to achieve the goal.  Carrie’s approach to training is more than just swim, bike, and run.  She makes sure you follow a carefully designed cross-training schedule that gives you the endurance and strength for the triathlon.  The program will not only help you to focus on your physical ability but also your mental strength to push through the course of the tri.  The best part…make great friends and having a blast with the GAG “Tri” family while in the training process.

My personal goal for the triathlon was to cross the finish line, and I did that…with energy to spare. The race time did not matter to me.  I wanted to finish and finish strong.  The best part is that even today, I still get “high” from remembering the feeling of completing the first triathlon.

It doesn’t matter if you never swim before, or never did extensive biking…  The program will prepare you, you just need to mentally challenge yourself to make it happen.  Even with my constant work travel schedule, I was still able to follow Carrie’s training program.  I even convinced my cousin and his girlfriend in Maryland to follow the program remotely with me.  They came and completed their first triathlon with the GAG family…and it was a blast!

I HIGHLY recommend Carrie and her Triathlon Training program!!!

-Kameron Chao


I had done several triathlons in the past, but none recently, and I wasn’t entirely sure if I was up to trying (no pun intended) them again.  I shouldn’t have worried.  The training was extensive, with some great swim workouts (indoor pool at LA Fitness), some great bike rides around Flatwoods park, and of course running.  (Remember the triathlon training slogan, “you ain’t done until you run”.)  It was a great group of people to train with; while we were all at very different fitness and skill levels, everyone came together really well and supported each other.  Carrie and Russ developed a great training plan, but also had a ton of race-day tips and tricks and strategies for having a good race.  The best part of the whole thing, however, has been the camaraderie of the team, who still get together and train and have completed several triathlons since the one we all initially trained for.  I’m looking forward to doing it all again in 2014.

-Perry Reed


I had always thought about triathlon but it was always, “I cannot imagine being one of those crazy people. ” I never thought I would become one of them! Training for my first sprint triathlon was seemingly overwhelming, but with Get a Grip there was a group of people keeping my accountable and pushing me harder than I thought possible. The best thing about this program is having a group of people with you on race day. They help contain your nerves before you get in the water, give shouts of encouragement on the bike course, and cheer for you as you cross that finish line after the run.  Training with Get a Grip does not only help you achieve your crazy goal of completing a triathlon, but it is a group of people who become your friends and believe in you. Get a Grip helps you become a triathlete!

 -Alicia Berta


I joined Get a Grip in January 2013 with intentions of doing the 21 Day Belly Blast on a friend’s recommendation. 10 days into the Belly Blast, Carrie mentioned she was starting up a beginners Triathlon training group and that I should join. I can’t describe how badly I wanted to be a part of that group or how nervous the idea of joining a group like that and committing to doing a triathlon made me. As long as I can remember I wanted to complete a triathlon, but wasn’t sure how to train for one or if I’d even be able to complete it even with training. I wasn’t in the best of shape at the time and was afraid I’d be embarrassed or worse, pitied, while trying to keep up with the group. Though I was a college athlete at one time, I had not done anything so demanding of my body in a long time. My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to complete the swim. On top of that, I lead a very busy life. I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend all of the trainings. Carrie re-assured me that this was a beginners group; all skill and fitness levels were welcome. She also let me know that there would be both group and individual training days in her plan and a private Facebook group where the workouts would be posted and allow for the group members to communicate and coordinate workouts. The goal was for everyone in the group to participate; in training and the triathlon. Unsure of what I was in for, or if I was making a mistake, I joined the group. It was the best fitness decision I’ve ever made. From the first swim session, I felt welcomed, supported and involved. Here I was, someone who was only a few weeks into being part of Get a Grip, being treated as if I’d been a member for years. The group was truly special; I know I would never have completed the triathlon without it. They also gave me my Get a Grip nickname, Turbo!

Every Sunday the workout for the week, the times the group was scheduled to meet and an idea for where we should be physically was posted to the Facebook group. Carrie made it simple; the group made it fun. Almost daily there was a member doing something, somewhere. It was easy to work out with the entire group or do a workout with a few members. I did much of my bike and run training on my own, but I made sure to make almost every group swim we had. The support, encouragement and training I got from the group was amazing. I made steady strides in my swimming each session and was able to gain confidence. Before long, I knew I was a strong enough to complete the swim. Not long after that, I was sure I could complete the entire triathlon.

I cannot speak highly enough of the Beginners Tri Training program. It was so much fun that we went on and complete a few more triathlons throughout the year.  I went from not being sure if I’d made a mistake to planning how I would get better during the triathlon off season in preparation for the 2014 season! If you have even the smallest of thoughts about completing a triathlon join the Beginners Tri Training program, go for it. I am confident, it will be the best fitness decision you make too!

I look forward to see you during training!

-Aaron (Turbo) Monroe

If you ever had a desire to participate in one, this is the time to do it. If you have done one before but want to improve and up your game, this is the answer! If you don’t like going it alone, this is for you!


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