We have another amazing transformation spotlight today, Gazelle Stevens! She is one beautiful lady both inside and out. I knew the day she walked in she would fit right in into the Get a Grip family. She was very social and asked a lot of questions. Some don’t prefer all the questions a prospects asks when they begin, but that to me screams..she is hungry and ready to do what it takes and I was right. She applied the principles we teach and immediately moved mountains (runs, ragnar, new triathlete., and strong). She has been on fire! We love her. She is now a part of our Power Team and is the Get a Grip Caretaker (great title for her). She is committed to all she does and has a great story to share.

Here is her story…

Growing up I was always very active, doing gymnastics in elementary school and cheerleading, softball and track in high school.  Despite being active, I was carrying 135lbs on my petite 5’2” frame and had always been self-conscious about my weight, specifically my mid-section.  After high school, I consulted with a nutritionist and started watching what I was eating and dropped 10lbs!  However, shortly after that I became pregnant with my first daughter and obviously put the weight back on. After giving birth I was delighted to learn that I weighed 110lbs, but it wasn’t a “healthy” weight since I was a busy mom and always taking care of everyone else instead of myself.  A few years later I had my 2nd daughter and although my weight stayed around 120, I wasn’t as active as I used to be and things were starting to jiggle.

I decided to join the local gym and went religiously 4-5 times per week, but I never saw any great improvement in my body and found it to be more of a “social hour” rather than a true workout environment.  I could still hear my dad’s words echoing in my ear that I’d “probably always have to worry about my weight and watch what I eat.”  I love my dad tremendously and I know he didn’t say those words to be mean, but they have stayed with me ever since my high school days.  Since I didn’t feel that the typical gym was benefitting me, I started working out at home-running on my treadmill and doing Pilates DVD’s.  But that was very isolating and I’m a social butterfly!

Finally, at the end of 2012 I decided to make the commitment to getting fit again and luckily, I came upon the 21 Day Belly Blast Program on Groupon.  I had no idea what I was in for, but I signed up immediately and started in January 2013.  I’ve never been one to struggle socially in new settings and Get a Grip was no different!  Although I had no clue what a burpee, spiderman or dead lift was, I was eager to learn and willing to ask questions.  There were several other newbies like myself, which made it easier to adjust and we quickly became gym buddies.  Before joining GAG, I hated running and had no desire to do a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon.  But with lots of encouragement (peer pressure), I signed up to do Ragnar in the Keys in February 2014 and it was one of the best experiences of my life, besides the running part!  It was a true bonding experience and one I’m glad I did.  It pushed me beyond my limits and made me realize that even if I don’t like doing something, that doesn’t mean I can’t.

From the start, I knew that GAG would change my life and it would be the gym at which I would become a “lifer.”  The environment is so positive, the coaches and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and I have made lots of new friends here.  Not only do you get the exercise benefit, but there’s nutrition counseling, races, social events and the annual holiday potluck!  It truly is more like a family than a gym.  I’m so glad I happened upon that Groupon over 4 years ago and I intend to stick with program as long as I can.  I turn 50 this year and I’ve never felt better, both mentally and physically, and I owe it all to Carrie and Get a Grip!

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We are excited to see what is next for her!