Lana came to Get a Grip a year ago as a guest with Sherri Lennon. She was very quiet and I was a little hesitate that she would stay. I should have known better if Sherri was involved:) All’s I can say is WOW! She has come SO far on her fitness level and Body composition. I had to laugh on her last goal sheet, she wanted to drop 2 jean sizes!!!!! FYI – she doesn’t have anything else to lose.  I had to break it to her, that there would be nothing left of her and she just laughed. I think she gets it now. On a serious note, she was very motivated and has done a HUGE transformation inside and out…SO Proud of her!


Here is Lana’s Story…


 My story began when I got on the scale and I weighed as much as I did when I was pregnant. I was active playing softball for years but, when I stopped and continued to eat the same with no activity gradually I gained weight. I wasn’t happy with myself and with the weight gain so, I just bought my pants larger.  Sherri invited me to GAG to see if this is something that I would be interested in. I was hooked from the first day. Carrie is a motivator and encourages you that anything can be achieved that you put your mind to. I started with the 21 day muffin top contest and then the hot for holidays which helped me to eat healthy and exercise. Throughout the contests starting in September I have lost 24 pounds. I did my first 5k on February 2nd in 30:04 and it was very rewarding. I’m not a runner so, my challenge is to increase my time and build up my endurance. I have done the Spartan 1000 3 times and am going to do my 4th one on February 22nd. The Cardio Cave was a great addition to boot camp for me and I really like the intense cardio workout. I’ve been a GAG member for a year now and I look forward to boot camp and the next challenge.

 Thanks Carrie for giving me the confidence in myself!


Thank you Lana for being a part of the GAG Family!