Marie is an true inspiration to us all. We all hope to be her when we grow up:-) With her, age is definitely just a number. She is one strong lady and she stops at nothing to give 200% every workout. She is admired by all who meet her. She really kicked it up in the last year and she has the body to prove it. Wait until you read her story. So proud of her and look forward to her new challenges she will undertake in the future.

Here is her story…

I first heard about Carrie’s Boot camp class, from a former co-worker, Marie Phillips, in October of 2010. We were having dinner and catching up on life when the topic changed to my recovery from a previous injury. Several years earlier I was in a bad car accident on I-75 where a Semi Truck ran over my vehicle from behind squashing all but the driver’s area of my car. I suffered several fractured vertebrae’s, a cracked sternum and injured my knees. I thought I would never be able to physically assert myself again.

After 12 months of therapy and doing exactly what I was told to do, my injuries had healed and I was feeling strong enough to start with some low impact exercise. I purchased some tapes and began my journey at home. Marie began talking about a boot camp she was attending that was held outside at Lake Padgett on Saturday mornings. When she told the story of using Pumpkins as weights to celebrate Halloween, I was intrigued, and knew I wanted to give this a try.

She invited me as her guest that Saturday morning. By the end of the very first class, I knew this was exactly what I needed to boost my current exercise routine. Since I lived in Land O’ Lakes, the location was perfect. When the outdoor class moved from Lake Padgett to the current location in Lutz, the workouts became more challenging which made me even more determined to “keep going”. I began to get stronger and feel the physical changes Carrie’s class was making in my health and my appearance. I began to get comments from my co-workers that I looked different – and younger? The word “younger” motivated me even more! I told them about my exercise routine and encouraged them they should join me.

In September of 2012 I felt I needed another boost so I signed up for Carrie’s 21 day Belly Blast and immediately after that program ended I signed up for her Muffin Top Meltdown Challenge. By the middle of November, I had lost 15 pounds, cut several inches from my waist, dropped 2 dress sizes, was sleeping better and feeling great! The bonus I wasn’t anticipating is my Doctor told me I no longer needed to take my cholesterol medicine.

Wow, the thought came to my mind that I didn’t know many soon-to-be “60 year old women or men” that didn’t take at least one kind of medicine. Thank you Carrie!! I’m convinced it was your program and your support that helped me succeed! At this point I felt I was ready to commit to the Spartan Challenge and made this a goal to complete prior to my 60th birthday in May, 2013.

I was encouraged by Carrie and the GAG family to do it now and make it a goal to reach by the end of 2012. I’m proud to report that I finished the December 28th Spartan event and have been able to complete a second Spartan, breaking my first event time by 7 minutes! I look forward to each workout and my continued good health. I feel I can live to be 100 and still be able to move around at that age!

Thank you Carrie and all my GAG family for all your support, motivation and for making each class enjoyable!Marie before



marie after


So proud of you! You look Amazing (even in this picture of you AFTER the Spartan 1000!