Roxane came to Get a Grip and started the 21-Day Belly Blast Program and followed it to a “T.” She had amazing results! She is a an extremely determinate lady and brings a ton of fun to the 9am boot camp sessions. Love her and how she just implements everything she learns. I’m looking forward to what she “dives” into this year! 

Here is her story…

My name is Roxane.  My journey to start exercising again originally started when I got home from a family reunion in January 2009.  I realized from my family photos how much weight I had put on. I never realized my weight gain until I saw these pictures.   I really never felt fat, but I was.   I started running 5-7 days a week.  I dropped about 25 lbs, and thought that I was doing great.  I ran for about 4 years, and eventually realized I hadn’t lost any more weight in fact I started to put the weight back on.  How can that be?? I thought.  I run all the time.  My legs were getting bigger because my pants were no longer fitting.  Ugh.  I was very discouraged.

 I decided to sign up at the gym, and try something different.  I was religiously going 3 -4 times a week.  After about 6 months, I found my workouts getting shorter and shorter.  I started off working out 60 minutes each time, then 45 minutes which eventually ended up a maximum of 30 minutes a workout.   I was extremely bored with the gym.

I knew I had to do something different so I could enjoy my favorite sport of diving a lot more.    I still didn’t feel like I was “THAT” big, but I had no stamina while diving.   I would be exhausted after each dive.  I knew I had to get into better shape if I wanted to dive a lot.  

One day, I saw a post on my friend, Chelsea Brown’s facebook page, it was something about Get A Grip, so I started to ask her questions.  She told me about the 21-day belly blaster.  I thought for that price I have nothing to lose but to try it.  It’s funny how social media works.  I joined, and within the first month,  I had dropped 9.8 lbs but more importantly I lost 7.8 inches throughout my body.  I soon realized that I wasn’t losing weight or inches previously because I wasn’t exercising, but I wasn’t losing weight because I wasn’t eating or exercising properly!!  Who would have known that it’s a combination of both!!  I figured if I exercised then I could eat pretty much what I wanted. Wrong!!!   

I have now been at Get a Grip a little over a year.  I am now in the best shape I have been in since high school.  To see my own before and after pictures still kind of freaks me out.  It’s hard to believe that was me.  Get a Grip has the best group of people.  They are from every walk of life, and I love them all.  They are the best support group that anyone could ask for.   Thanks Carrie for setting me straight!!   I can’t imagine where I would have ended up if it wasn’t for Get A Grip!!