Highlighting another amazing couple, Mario and Yami. They have been with us for 1 year. They immediately became coined the incredible shrinking couple! I remember their first day and seeing them today, it is just crazy awesome.

They work SO hard and give it 100%. They will try anything and challenge themselves every time to do more. They are just the cutest! These two crushed the challenges; they have placed in at least 3 of them. When they said they decided to commit, they were not kidding as you will read below.

The side bonus of their new found healthy lifestyle is the healthy treats us coaches receive packaged with love from Yami (she is a great baker)!

Lauren, their daughter, joins us when she is off from school and she is just as committed and determined as her parents. You can totally tell they are related:-)

Not only is their transformation inspiring and so amazing, their hearts and determination leave a smile on everyone they meet. I am so proud of them both!

Here is their story…

As Yami and I reflect on our journey at Get A Grip over the past year, it’s hard to believe and put into words all we have accomplished and how a simple decision has changed our lives.

As a family we have been coming together for one year, but our first introduction to Get a Grip, (GAG), was two years ago. Our daughter Lauren wanted to get in better shape before she went back to college for her sophomore year and wanted to do it as a family.

I did some research and found the 21-day Belly Blast Groupon. I was in immediately as was Lauren, but Yami was not quite ready. As it turns out neither was I. Lauren and I went through the 21 days had great results, but we were not ready to fully commit or make any lifestyle changes.

Fast forward a year and the results from the 21-day were gone with a little extra packed on for good measure. This is when our true transformation began. Lauren was once again home from college and wanted to work out as a family. I remembered the great results from Get a Grip and suggested we give it a try once again. Lauren and I were in, Yami took some convincing. At the time we were going to Planet Fitness, but truly had no focus. We would go and walk the treadmill and maybe try out some of the equipment. As one can imagine, it was having little to no impact.

GAG was having their annual buddy challenge and I figured it was a perfect opportunity. Not only was it 4 weeks of boot camps, but the challenge also included a 4-week food plan. Both Yami and I were a little reluctant as it had been years since we committed to serious rigorous exercise. Yami was especially concerned because of her knee injury. To ease our concerns, we reached out to Carrie, who quickly made us feel better. Her positive, upbeat demeanor, and overall knowledge won us over right away and that evening we signed up.

We jumped all in, made the decision if we are going to do this let’s give it our all and do it right this time, full on commitment. Printed the first week food plan, went shopping and food prepped for the first time ever. Our first boot camp was Tuesday and that first day Yami and I were a bundle of nerves. Not knowing what to expect we arrived at our first BC and Michele (Coach Musto), immediately made Yami and myself feel more relaxed. The next two boot camps were with Coach Arik and finally Coach Carrie.

There is a different feeling you get when you work out at GAG. The coaches are not just doing a job, they get to know you, you can tell they genuinely care about you as a person and your goals. The other members are encouraging and supportive. There is a feeling of family within GAG. It was not easy, honestly it was rough, we knew we were not in the best shape, but I guess didn’t realize how bad. The workouts were very challenging, we couldn’t do many of the exercises, and every part of our body felt sore.

We soldiered on each of us encouraging the other to push forward and after a few weeks things started happening. Our bodies began to change, you could see we were getting leaner, clothes were fitting looser, and we were able to do more of the exercises. After the 4 weeks we were delighted and shocked with our results and knew we had to join and continue to improve.

GAG continues to challenge us and help us accomplish what we never thought possible. Over the past year I have lost 57lbs gone from a pants size 40 to a 32 and a shirt size XXL to medium, Yami has lost 30lbs and gone from a size 16 to a size 8. I ran my first 5K ever this past year, Yami is signed up for her first 5K this upcoming February. Lauren continues to join us on her college breaks and has benefitted greatly from the healthy lifestyle we now encourage. Doing this as a family has made it easier, we food prep together, attend BC together and continue to support and push each other daily.

Get A Grip has changed our life, we learned to eat better, food prep, and how exercise can be fun and challenging at the same time. We have found a community like no other, one that motivates, challenges and encourages you to be your best self possible. As a family we have certainly made this a new life style. Doing this as couple and as a family, has strengthened our relationship even more.  We are excited to continue to reinvent ourselves physically and mentally along with the rest of the wonderful GAG family of coaches and members.


Me again…their story is another examMarioBandA-frontple for families who work/workout together, that anything is possible. I am SO excited to continue to watch them evolve and see what else they accomplish. Only 1-year and all this? Pretty awesome, I would say:-)