You all I know I love sharing these stories. This one is no exception.

This couple came to use 1 year ago. I knew the very first day they were going to accomplish BIG things if they stuck around with us. Well, they proved just that. They showed up weekly and did the work. They got stronger and leaner by the week. I remember one day we were talking about our triathlon program and Kathy seemed interested, which meant they were going to sign up – haha! One thing with Get a Grip is if you put it out there we ALWAYS hear it and remind you of what you said. It’s our thing. You’ll see below what went down.

I don’t want to steal their story, but all I can say is I couldn’t be more proud of them! They work so hard, they have so much outside of GAG going on and still commit and play full out, and they are just true gems. They are so generous, kind, funny, amazing beautiful people and they show others that it is NEVER too late for anything as they both are 60 years old!

We love our Kathy & Phil!

Here is their story as they tell it…

Who would of thought that a Groupon could lead to re-inventing yourself. That’s how our journey began and our relationship with Get A Grip, otherwise known as GAG.

Prior to our GAG experience, Kathy and myself would work out at the Wellness Center in Wesley Chapel, You Fit, and Kathy also belonged to another fitness studio near by. It’s funny now to reflect back on those gym experiences as just going through the motions of exercising without having a true purpose of achieving various health goals. We also competed as amateur’s in the Ballroom dancing. So, we have never been afraid of challenges of taking a leap of trying something different. But then came the Groupon purchased that Kathy made in March of 2017.

Kathy informed me that we were going to start working out at 5:00AM at Get A Grip. We both quickly realized after our 1st week that this studio was different, it was special. Although I could barely walk or move after the 1st week, due to every muscle in my body being Wicked sore, I realized that we had not worked out like this with such a focus and purpose.

Our 1st week of workouts were with Carrie, and Arik, (who wasn’t afraid to call me out about my New Hampshire speech impediment, LOL). After our 3 weeks of Groupon workouts, we soon realized that GAG was more than just a gym, it was a community of caring coaches, and GAG members who were genuine and authentic, and we could not resist but to join permanently this wonderful community of AWESOME people, who really cared.

During our 1st year wit GAG, Kathy and I slowly emerged into developing a strong foundation of improved wellness that has changed not only a leaner physical appearance, but more importantly the confidence to challenge ourselves even more, that brings us to February of 2018.

This time around, Kathy informed me that she signed us up to be part of the GAG Tri-Team. My first response was, what are you crazy. We don’t run, and I don’t swim either. Sure, we bike a little, but a Triathlon, no freaking way.

During our first week of tri-training, we couldn’t even swim a lap in the pool, without being totally out of breath, but then we remember Carrie, saying to both of us, DO YOU TRUST ME, and of course we responded yes.

As the tri-training continued, and the support of Carrie, Jen B, Musto, and our tri-team members; Kathy and I realized we were accomplishing things such as running 1 mile, without stopping, then 2 miles without stopping and finally 3 miles without stopping. Swimming laps in the pool without stopping after each one, and not being out of breath. And here we are today having successfully finishing and completing 3 Sprint Triathlon’s in the last 2 months, and getting ready for our 1st team relay triathlon this weekend.

Because of GAG, we have developed friendships with people who motivate us to do better. We continue to reinvent ourselves that not only leads to improved physical and mental health, it also supports our 37 years of marriage of continuing to doing things together that we never dreamed of. Who would of thought that a Groupon to GAG could have such, life changing events. We are blessed for having found Carrie and her #WICKEDAWESOMETEAM!!!

Me again…

The funny thing is about these two is they did a triathlon before their 1st 5k!

Who does that! Totally inspirational!

Watching them evolve has been one of my favorite things this last year. I love couples who play together, because I feel it helps them stay together; they have proved this.

I am SO excited to see what else they accomplish and where they will be in the next year. Thank you both, for trusting in US!


 So proud of this Couple!