Anne has come a long way! She was always a strong lady, committed, and determined; she is all that and WAY more! But, something lite up in her the last 1.5 years and now she says…”Why Not instead of no thanks!” She makes me smile and she has always been a kind warm-hearted soul in all we do at Get a Grip. She is one of the first to lend a hand, always there for me and the rest of the GAG family, and always offering to help with any cause we participate in. Love her!

I am SO excited to see all she accomplishes at her “young” age! It’s just a number!!!

At 56 years old I am in the best shape of my life and I have gone from barely being able to run 1/4 mile to running my first full marathon. 26.2 miles in under 5 hours placing 2nd place in my age group.

This is how it all started…

I joined Get a Grip in February of 2012.

I was looking for a new gym that would keep my interest. I belonged to gyms in the past and worked with a few personal trainers. I got bored with the same old thing and would stop going. When I came to GAG I immediately knew something was different.

Carrie spent time with me and I got the feeling she really cared about me and my health. For 1 1/2 years I went to boot camp 3 times a week and the results were great along with the workouts. In May of 2013 many of the members were going to run in the Miles for Moffitt  race. Since this supported a cure for cancer I decided to run the 5K. That week I ran twice on the treadmill for 3 miles to make sure I could do it.
I survived the treadmill and the race. I ran another race that year with the group from GAG and then in January of 2014 I joined the triathlon training and completed my first sprint triathlon in April 2014.
I had not been on a bike for over 40 years and the extent of my swimming experience was swimming lessons at the age of 8. Since then I have run in many 5K’s and a few 10K’s along with 3 more sprint triathlons. I continued to run with the Get a Grip group and I ran my first 1/2  marathon with them in November. I kept on training and ran my full marathon in January with the help and support of Carrie and other members of GAG cheering me on at the race.
One of the great things about GAG is the support that is given from Carrie and the members. I guess what I am trying to say is that there are no limits in what we can do with the right help and support. Whether it be to get in shape and lose 10 pounds to losing 50 pounds and running marathons.
What I like about GAG is that everyone works at their own pace on their own individual goals. They are given the tools needed to succeed. The best part of GAG was meeting Carrie. She has a natural ability to motivate others. She cares deeply and will do all she can to help others meet their goals. The group at GAG accepts and supports all who walk through the doors.
I am in the best shape I have been in over 30 years and have learned to live a healthy lifestyle since coming to Get a Grip. I was recently thinking of moving back to Chicago but one thing stopped me. There is no Carrie or Get a Grip there!
My goals for 2015 are to complete an Olympic distance triathlon with some of the other Grippers and I am running Ragnar with
them this month which is a relay run from Miami to Key West.
Since coming to Get a Grip I have accomplished things I never thought were possible and have done things I didn’t even know that I wanted to do.
I’m so glad I found it!