Lutz Get a Grip Total Fitness Success Story

Michele Musto is this Week’s Spotlight!

michele- beforeandafter

Michele has proven “ANYTHING” is possible!

She PR’d (person record – best time) in every single run distance race in 2014. She kick her lifetime “FEAR” of swimming to the curb as you will read. Need I say more?

Here is here transformation story…

Some of you may know me from the Get A Grip Facebook page 😉 I have been here for over two years and have no intentions of leaving…ever! My health and fitness journey really began in 2007. I was always active, but with my son heading off to college I found myself at the heaviest ever. My friend asked me to join a weight loss program and we did it together. While on my way to losing 50lbs, we also began running. Many 5k’s led to a few 10k’s and then my first half marathon in 2012 Gasparilla. Although this was a big accomplishment to me, I found that even though I was running all the time, I was gaining weight and getting slower!

At the same time my personal life was in a state of change. As my daughter left for college leaving us with an empty nest, my Father-in-law was diagnosed terminal liver cancer and in September 2012 my husband moved in with him to provide around the clock care. For the next eight months, I was basically on my own for the first time in my life!

Realizing I needed to change my focus and find something that I could control, I searched and found Get A Grip Total Fitness. Right from the start I knew this was a place like no other! That first year I made many friends, became more fit and lean, and started challenging myself to do things I never thought I could! And so, I did EVERYTHING 😉 Finding myself fatigued I turned to Carrie for Metabolic Testing. My first test showed that my metabolism was below normal. Carrie knew I was totally overtraining and told me to ‘train smart’ and watch my nutrition to fuel all the things I had hoped to do. She gave me a plan and I followed it!

Also during that first year, many of my friends at GAG were talking about Triathlon and encouraging me to swim/bike/run. “Absolutely NO, NEVER…I am unable to swim” was always my response. Actually I have a fear of swimming! But this was no excuse because GAG has the best training team! So after some soul searching and over thinking I jumped in, literally! Once again I was given a plan and I followed it! I had never felt as accomplished as I did finishing my first triathlon! I have since done three more (two in one day) and was even the swim leg of my TriRock relay team.

After that triathlon, Carrie asked me what my next goal would be (she is amazing at getting me out of my comfort zone). We sat down and decided that although I had done numerous running races including eight half marathons, I had never really worked for a pace time. I picked the goal of finishing the Chosen Half Marathon with a 2 hour time. Considering my best time up until then was a 2:16 I was full of doubts. Essentially dropping more than a minute per mile from my pace seemed impossible. But Carrie once again provided a plan and I followed it…consistently all summer! Race day came and I was energized to be there with so many Grippers that had trained alongside me. When the race started, I still had some doubts, but was confident that I had done everything I could to be ready and whatever the outcome I would be proud (a big lesson I learned at GAG). I crossed the finish line at 2:02:39! What I thought was IMPOSSIBLE had become POSSIBLE!
So by the end of 2014 I found that my life had been transformed. I have an extended family at GAG that inspire me to be better as an athlete and as a person. Oh, and that low metabolism…well, I took the Metabolic Testing again one year after the first…the result was that by following the plan my metabolism had increased 20%!
I have learned so much about myself in the last two years being a Gripper. If I have a plan, commit to it fully and work at it with no excuses, I can achieve ANYTHING! I am also excited that my husband has become a Gripper and is seeing great health and fitness results! I am blessed to have Carrie and the GAG family in my life. I can only imagine what #EPIC2015 has in store for me!


Awesome Success Story & Awesome Person!

Those of us who know her, know that this is just the beginning for Michele!