Christine is one determined lady! Her 200% effort, is commendable. Her commit to her below story and to her training is by far something to be very proud of. Some people dream of what they want to do, and others go out and do it! Christine is the one who went and did it! A must read!

Here is her story…


Aside from when I was younger and involved in organized sports, I’ve always been inconsistent with respect to working out. I would seesaw back and forth between periods of being a gym rat followed by much longer periods of nothing. A little more than a year ago, after an exceptionally long break from the gym, I got “serious” about getting back in shape (isn’t that always the intention?). I don’t know what was different this time, but I really started watching what I was eating and going to the gym regularly. By February, I was really happy with the progress I’d made and in the best shape I’d been in a long time. This was especially important because I had just become part of team that was going to train for and compete at the US National Skydiving Championships. No, auto-correct did not get the better of that last sentence, I meant ‘skydiving’.

Back in 2004, I took a life changing step…….well, less of a step and more of a push..….out of an airplane. I don’t know if it was more shocking that this reserved accountant who is afraid of heights mustered up the nerve to do it OR that I loved it! Fast forward eight years and 2,000 jumps and I still love it. I spent my first few years working through various levels of licensing including a coach and instructor rating, but really found my place in the sport when I discovered competition skydiving. At its most basic level, the competition skydiving consists of 10 rounds, each round having 5-6 different formations that the team builds as many times as they can in a defined amount of time all of which is judged by in-air video.



This is an amazing accomplishment, Congrats Christine!