Kim came to me, with much determination! She gave over 100% the first day she attend, hence the comment she makes in her story. She was like a sponge soaking everything up and she listened so well; “The perfect student.” I was and still am truly amazed at her form of the exercises and her abilities. Results came fast for her, since she made the commitment, showed up for classes, and gave it her all every time. With no real prior experience she sure does make it look like she has done it for a LONG time! I am very proud of her and her accomplishments. I can’t wait to see what she does next. She is definitely a favorite of mine.

Here is her story…

I love to eat delicious food!  After I turned 40 though, I noticed that I was growing….

at 5'1" growing taller would have been delightful, but unfortunately it was in another direction,

I was growing in places that I had no desire to grow.

A friend of mine had signed on with Carrie for a bootcamp, and I thought it was something that I should try as well. It was a workout like nothing I had ever experienced before. I had gained weight in my past, 50lbs with both pregnancies and it took a year both times to lose the weight. If I had known Carrie then, that would not have been the case.

I only knew stair-steppers and treadmills, brisk walks, and the like.  She taught me different.

I was so sore after my first workout with Carrie, I could hardly move. She told me, "Now no matter how sore you are, you come back, trust me".  I did. And she was right! Exercising relieved my soreness. 

Carrie taught me how to work out.

For the first time in my life, I was learning how to exercise the correct way. With her support and encouraging words, I stuck with it and started noticing fast results. Not just weight, but inches came off and in all the right places.  I was stronger and leaner. She made me want to eat more healthfully.  I was hooked!

I love it now! When I'm unable to attend, I miss it!  I have more energy to enjoy life!

I used to be the typical mom on the sidelines watching my children, and now at 42, I'm in the best shape I've probably ever been.

I practiced running with my son when he had track.  I play tennis now with my kids and husband.

I even just ran in my first 5K with my daughter and we crossed the finish line together holding hands.

My husband likes the results as well – heehee;)

Carrie is so inspiring to me and has helped me to have more confidence in myself! I admit I'm a little addicted to her workouts now, and I see no stopping point in sight, because she not only has helped me reach my 'get in better shape' goal, I know she'll motivate me in my next goal to stay that way.

Carrie has motivated & helped me to think of the future as not what I won't be able to do as I age,

but what will be next thing in my future that I can accomplish!

Thank you Carrie for everything you've taught me, and thanks for continuing to inspire me!