This story is truly inspirational! A young beautiful lady who has faced VERY serious challenges in life at such a young age, BUT finds the right mind set and support team to change what she can change…her HEALTH and FITNESS!

 I loved Katie the day she walked through my doors and I have refused to give up on her throughout her challenges. She will reach her goals as she has what it takes; determination, a great fiancé (who is so supportive), family, and her second family at Get A Grip Totall Fitness!

She inspires us all daily. Here is her story…

Throughout my entire childhood I was a competitive swimmer. Having a great aunt who was in the Olympics always inspired me to enjoy competition and preserver in terms of athletic achievement. However, when I moved away to college I stopped swimming and turned to food for comfort. Creating bad eating habits and poor exercise choices over the past seven years lead to a 50lb weight gain.

Thankfully, about two years ago I was referred to work with Carrie by her sister. My fiancé and I met with Carrie and I knew in that moment that she would be the one to help me reach my fitness goals, however as luck would have it, approximately 4 months later I was admitted to the ICU for complications from an appendectomy and peritonitis, leaving me quite close to death, unable to move and facing a long process of undergoing test after test. In addition, during my numerous hospital admissions, it was found that I had a heart pause, a condition where my heart stops approximately once a day for about 5-9 seconds. After going through another slew of tests I found myself depressed. I felt as though I had lost myself within all of my health problems and as though I just couldn’t get out from under them.

Finally, at the beginning of 2011, February 1st to be exact, I promised myself that I would start making changes in my life, especially because I was now engaged and preparing for a wedding in the summer of 2012. I was 25 years old and hopefully, had a very long life to live. Thinking that I couldn’t change my health conditions, I knew I could at least change my diet and weight, hopefully putting me in a better mind frame. Since February 1st I have lost 40 pounds through working with Carrie and the motivational efforts of everyone at Get a Grip Total Fitness. It has been a challenge for sure, going to the boot camps, yoga and run club, but it is THE BEST CHOICE I EVER MADE. Carrie is a constant inspiration and source of motivation for me to keep pushing and moving.  

Furthermore, the atmosphere that she has created at Get a Grip, especially because of her wonderful campers, keeps me on my toes and holds me accountable. I literally owe MY LIFE to Carrie. Without her help I would probably continue having a multitude of health issues and poor self-esteem in terms of my body. I also have to note, that since working with Carrie my health has improved incredibly. I am no longer using any medication original last year for hernias, asthma or my heart. I am also slowly weaning of thyroid medication. Plus, it is amazing how my endurance and flexibility has improved. Never did I think I would be able to run a mile…now I can run 3!

 For those who are thinking about becoming involved with the family at Get a Grip Total Fitness, definitely try it out! Like I said, the best choice I ever made for myself, my health and my family! Carrie and the gang are THE BEST!

Katie Before Picture with her Finance Kevin

Katie AS OF NOW with her Brother

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