Belinda did AWESOME the first day she walked through Get A Grip's doors. After her first month, I could already see a HUGE improvement in her strength and muscle tone. She was already a tough cookie, but now she is real lean, stronger than ever, and ready to kill it in the upcoming season of competing with bikes. I have so much fun with her in class pushing her to her limits. With her high level of abilities, I knew I had to push her to help her break through plateaus and really see the gains. She does whatever I say, but I can't say she is always happy! Regardless, she always made me proud! I am SO looking forward to hearing all the accomplishments she makes during her biking season!

Here is her story…

I stumbled upon Carrie and ‘Get A Grip’ early this year when I was looking for something different in the fitness arena.  Since my college athlete days I have been in and out of gyms. The gym is a comfortable place for me.  I know them well.  Maybe too well.   I also race mountain bikes competitively and was looking for a way to maintain strength and fitness in the off season.  I suffered a shoulder injury last race season and was having trouble staying motivated on the bike and in the gym.  It was time to break up the old routine.  The gym was stale and the bike was just not that much fun anymore. 

Of course I was skeptical.  The last thing I was looking for was a Jane Fonda type workout.  No offense Jane, you look great!  Wow!  I was surprised on day one.  There was no name game, no breaking in easy.  We got down to business.  I did so many chest presses I thought I would lose permanent use of my arms.  Finally the beeper went off.  Then we went on to do a number of exercises just as intense.  This may sound crazy but after day one I was hooked.  My workouts with Carrie have been more effective than any gym workout I have done in years.  In just a few short weeks I was beginning to feel stronger and look tone.

 I thought Get a Grip would be a part of my life for a short month.  Its been eight very rewarding months.  Carrie has also provided me with great nutritional and training information as well. I feel like I am eating healthier than ever.  My shoulder feels strong once again.  My core is stronger than ever, providing me with better balance on the bike.  Who knew one hour, three times per week could have such an impact on my life?  I am looking forward to the upcoming race season.

Belinda killing it!!!! Her dedication to whatever she does, it's one of a kind!


Congrats Belinda!