When Eileen came to me I knew she was a keeper. When you’re in my profession you really get excited when people come to you when they are truly READY! Eileen was ready! 200% every workout, never complains (at least loud enough for me to hear), encourage others, smiling always, and best of all she doesn’t use her limitations as an EXCUSE!

She has 2 bad knees, as you’ll read below, but NEVER complains and is always looking to me to give her some exercise she can substitute. Her determination is off the charts and she inspires others by her inability to give up! She is a staple to the Brandon camp and wouldn’t be the same without her.

Here is her story…

Peer pressure can be a great motivator.  It was almost two years ago when I gave in.

My 50th birthday was fast approaching and several of my childhood friends decided to celebrate our milestone year on a cruise.  Getting into shape became a priority for obvious reasons.  50 at 50 was the battle cry.

Groupon was a new concept and one that actually brought Carrie and I together.  Looking to break the routine of a conventional gym – which I had utilized for several years with modest results – I came across a Groupon for Carrie’s bootcamp and along with my daughter and a friend, decided to give it a try.  My workouts needed a boost and with the incentive of the cruise hovering in the future, I decided to give bootcamp a one-month trial.   

The first month went well, and despite some general muscle soreness, I felt better.  The second month was an easy decision, as have each of the next 20-plus months.  I am now fully addicted to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine.  The workouts have become essential to my overall physical well being and have contributed to my improved self esteem. 

The variety of workouts, from kettlebells to card games to dirty dozen, keeps the program challenging and refreshing. Carrie also takes in my personal physical condition and adapts the workouts to fit my needs. Two knee surgeries and arthritis have limited some of my ability to do certain exercises but Carrie always finds a way to modify the workout to fit my abilities.  Her unwavering encouragement and support, along with the great friendships I’ve established with my boot camp family, makes answering the early morning wake-up call much easier.

After almost two years, I can honestly say that Carrie’s boot camp has changed my life in an extremely positive manner.  I reached my goal of losing 50 pounds in time for the “50th cruise”, but more importantly, I have adopted a healthier lifestyle because of the commitment to this program. 

Congrats Eileen for ALL your improvements and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, you’re amazing!!!