This is my favorite part of my weekend, submitting my spotlights! They ALL accomplish things they may not believe can come true, but trust in them to keep working at it. Gwen is no different. Some people look at tiny little people and say…”they don’t have a problem” but we ALL have a comfort of how we feel about ourselves, no matter what shape or size we are.

 Gwen has done awesome at camp! Up until her BIG transformation she was getting stronger and showing visual improvements we all could see at camp.  Then she decided to compete in the “Hot for The Holidays” which included a done-for-you meal plan, daily motivation, and fat-burning boot camp workouts! She all of sudden become the person to BEAT! Little Gwen, was getting smack talk from her “boot camp friends” and it turned into a huge competition especially with the SB girls! Let’s just say she came out of her shell after that. She won the SB competition and took 3rd place in the women’s competition, too. She did AMAZING! So proud of her!

I don’t want to steal her story, so I’ll just say I love having her as a part of the Get A Grip Family and I’m looking forward to her next big thing!

Here is her story…

I guess I’ll start out by giving a little bit of background information about myself. I was a dancer (tap, jazz, and ballet) from the age of 3 until the age of 16. Throughout high school I was involved in some extracurricular activities that required dance and other physical activity. Starting college, I weighed right around 98 lbs. Although I never really gained the freshmen 15, I did gain about 15-16 lbs from the time I started college, until just recently when I went for my initial weigh in for Hot for the Holidays contest at Get A Grip.

For the longest time, after graduation (May 2010) I wanted so badly to be in shape and just tone up my body, however, I loathed going to gyms where I would be surrounded by guidos, guidettes, and meatheads. Needless to say, I NEVER stepped foot into a gym after college.  After purchasing Carrie’s Groupon in November of 2010, it took me five months (March 2011) to gain enough motivation to use it!

Even though I have been unhappy with my job, my crazy schedule allows me to attend boot camp three times a week, whether it be at 6am or at 7pm and at any of the three different locations Carrie has. I consider myself to be a strong minded and strong-willed individual, so quitting has never been an option to me (even though, yes, I am FINALLY quitting my job, my last day is Tuesday). (:

Going to boot camp, I felt healthier, I felt like I was in better shape, and over all, I gained more self -confidence. From the time I started (March) until the beginning of Hot for the Holidays, I didn’t really notice big results, no weight loss, and my clothes fit me about the same. But not once did I ever consider quitting boot camp, because I was happy with the way I looked and the way I felt about myself.

My goal for taking on the Hot for the Holidays challenge was simply to learn to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. I was already confortable with my weight and with my body, I just wanted to be healthier. Following the diet plan pretty much to the T and going to boot camp three times a week religiously, was pretty much the way I lived my life for those six weeks.

My Results…

· Memorizing the diet plan, committing it to memory, and probably never being able to forget it for as long as I live.

·Feeling super guilty if I skipped out on a boot camp class

·Constantly trying to figure out how I can rearrange my personal, work, and social life around going to boot camp so I won’t feel guilty and so Carrie won’t try to make me feel guilty with her accountability check-ins

·Losing 12.8 lbs, losing 5.70% of my body fat, and losing 12.25 total inches

·Winning the SB contest (in your face guys!) (:

·And coming in 3rd place for the overall women’s challenge!

                                                         Gwen – 11/8/2011                                     Gwen 12/17/2011

I consider my personal results to be greatly satisfying, and I know that whether the results be physical, mental, or emotional, everyone and anyone who attends Carrie’s boot camp will get amazing results!!! Thank you so much Carrie for always holding me accountable and pushing me that extra little bit to be a better me. Get a Grip has become a place where I look forward to coming, I make sacrifices to attend the camps, and where I am always challenged to do better. Hot for the Holidays has also brought out the competitive side of me, and I am finally beginning to show you guys the real me…. Can you handle it?

Gwen 12/17/2011

I’d Say she accomplished “HOT for the Holidays!”

Congrats Gwen!!!! Very proud of your dedication!