Kevin was like most men, stop at a gas station to pick up a can of soda and food (or what they consider food to be). He came to me with his fiance Katie, and I really thought he was just there for her. But, he wanted to make some changes, too! No one would have ever said Kevin was out of shape, he looked great.

The first re-assessment Kevin blew it away, he lost a ton of inches and even weight. We thought he looked great before, but you could really tell he is more lean and looked healthier, too. One thing about Kevin is when you tell him to do something, he does. Most people do not take action, but that's NOT Kevin! I was SO proud of him.

To top it off, he continues to THIS day to maintain and even improve his health and fitness. His commitment and dedication does not get overlooked; it is highly commendable. He is young and has already learned how important a healthy lifestyle is to his life!

I really enjoy having him as a part of Get A Grip and as MY running partner! Keep it up Kev!

Here is his story…

I had always considered myself to be in somewhat good shape.  As a kid, I was very physically active.  I was a competitive gymnast for many years as a teen, so exercise was a very important part of my life.  That habit had stuck with me for the most part through my mid-twenties.  However, eventually I became less concerned about my diet and would eat whatever I craved.  I figured at least a little exercise here and there would be enough to stay ‘healthy’.

That mindset didn’t last too long.  My fiancé (Katie) and I were in our friends’ wedding about 2 years ago.  After seeing one of the pictures of myself from the event, I knew it was time to change a few things.  That’s where Carrie came in.  Katie and I met with her, and she gave us workouts and meal plans.  The biggest issue for me was cutting out soda and white breads.  After all, my lunch break every day consisted of going to a gas station, getting a soda, and seeing what was available to eat.  I knew it wasn’t healthy, but I was addicted, and it was convenient.

As hard as it was to go through the withdrawal of sugar and caffeine, it worked.  With the addition of healthier foods, I immediately lost the extra weight I had gained over the past few years.  On top of that, the workouts were equally effective.  I’ve changed my diet and no longer want to visit those gas stations for food!

Since Carrie opened her Lutz studio, I now attend yoga and run club each week, and love participating in both.  Carrie’s constant positive attitude, high expectations, and accountability have transformed my mindset to be healthier.

My highlights are running several 5ks, as well as completing the Spartan 1000 Challenge multiple times.

I now consider visiting her studio a highlight of each week.  I love the way I feel and have no desire to go back to my old bad habits.


Kevin and Katie!

Keep it up Kevin! Congrats!