When Linde makes a commitment she means business! When she came to us, she was ready to make a change! She took everything in like a sponge. In turn, she started making changes FAST! She gives 200% in every class and instead of using her personal and professional life as an excuse she arranges everything to fit her schedule. Even it means she comes to class late. I’m ok with people coming in late, because something is better than nothing. We like to be the place that reducing stress, NOT increase it!

I have REALLY enjoyed watching her evolve. I told her one time she better get a belt for her pants as they were falling off of her. We love having Linde as part of the Get a Grip Family. 

Here is her story…


In March of this year I attended a conference in Orlando.  March was unusually warm and several of us decided to spend some down time at the pool.  When I returned home I felt disgusted by my appearance.  I am not exactly sure what prompted me to do something about my body – although the “Budweiser Models” at the hotel pool might have had something to do with it. 

Not only was I unhappy with the way I looked I was afraid of my closet!  I couldn’t bear to walk in there and try something on for fear it would be too tight or worse—wouldn’t fit at all.  I actually had to purchase a couple of pants for the conference in a larger size.  When you don’t feel good about yourself it shows.  And, you don’t feel particularly sexy either.

I couldn’t understand how this happened.  I have always eaten right and I run or bike 5-6 times every week.  And, yet the clothes kept getting tighter and I kept getting bigger.

I had gone to Get-A-Grip for a photo shoot with Jessica when she offered the hair and makeup session along with the shoot.  I saw the photos on the bulletin board and saw some familiar faces.  Later that week I checked out the GAG web site and was intrigued and excited by what I read.  I was especially motivated by the 21-day Belly Blast.  My annual “girl’s weekend” was in early May and I was determined to get a new bikini to wear to the beach!

I signed up and started seeing results after the first week.  I have since gone down TWO pant sizes!  I am happy to report I am no longer afraid of my closet.  I feel fantastic inside and out and have attained a level of confidence that has been missing for a few years.  Cliché’ as it sounds I owe it all to Carrie and the whole GAG fitness regimen.   She is a constant source of motivation and support without which my new look and self-esteem would not be possible. 

Congrats, Linde! SO proud of you!