What can I say about Lucy. Amazing always seems to come to mind. She can hang with the younger campers and even surpass them. She is a machine. I don't understand people like her, who you ask to spotlight them for their accomplishments and they feel they don't really have any! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! To be as committed and work as hard as she does, come on. The one thing with Lucy, as much as I drive her crazy, she'll still pretty do anything I ask. Not always happily, but she does it. She never misses unless out of town as you will read below.

She is the "mother hen" in Brandon. Be careful being friends with her on Facebook or giving her your cell phone number, she WILL call you out when you miss! And she has no problem texting you at 5am in the morning either. She is the best!

I'll never forget the time I was on the other side of the Country for a conference and my trainer was sick and he called at 10pm the night before to tell me. How was I going to work this out? So, I called Lucy to give the workout to the gang. I think she was having a panic attack as I asked her. But, she did it anyway for me! Of course, she did great!

Lucy may have a love/hate relationship with me, but she knows I think the world of her. I hope to be as committed as her when I reach her age. Kudos to Lucy!

Here is her story…

When I started bootcamp a year and seven months ago I was doing Weight Watchers and doing very well. What I was missing was a good workout program. The first class with Carrie was a killer, so much so I couldn't walk on Tuesday. I wasn't sure I would return on Wednesday but I'm very glad I did. I'm now known as the "mother" of the Brandon camp. At 56 years old I am one of the oldest campers but I truly try and stay up with the youngsters! I also make wake up calls to all the slackers…Court.

My biggest fitness accomplishment to date is completing the Spartan Challenge…twice! I shaved 15 minutes off my personal best for a time of 1 hour and five minutes. I would suggest everyone reading this give it a try! If I can do it, believe me you can do it!

For me bootcamp is a way of staying in shape, it is addicting! If I happen to miss a day it is only because I'm out of town. Even then I am now motivated enough to do some sort of a refined workout.

Our Brandon Camp is great! It is full of committed campers!  I have made many friends who are ALL amazing and stick it out with Carrie because she makes you want to come back day after day. When I met Carrie, I thought "are you kidding me? " So perky at 6 am, is she for real!?  But she is what keeps me coming back. She is a great motivator. Now I do complain (under my breath, though loud enough for Carrie to hear!) She loves me!

A few weeks ago before my sons wedding I tried on my dress and showed my husband. His jaw dropped and he said, "wow, you look amazing!" That's what I mean about results… I worked very hard to look that way in that dress! Mission accomplished! 

She looks Amazing for sure! Congrats, Lucy!