Did I mention I love the spotlights? There is nothing better than people feeling better and happy in their life! Marci is no exception. She gives every workout 200% and has fun doing it! Being a mom, wife, and working full-time; she still finds time for her. She could use all the excuses of no time, too tired, and etc. BUT instead she goes and just does it. A happy wife and mom makes a happy home, period. Everyone wants her legs and shoulders. I’m SO proud of her and feel Get a Grip wouldn’t be the same without her.

Here is her story…

Did I mention I love these spotlights? Watching people feel better and better about them over time is the best reward to me in life. Marci is no exception. She works at a level of 200% in every workout and actually has fun doing it. Everyone wants her legs and shoulders. I’m so proud of her making the time for herself. A happy mom and wife makes for a happy home. It is so easy to be too tired, make excuses you have too much to do, and etc. but she is proof you can do and have it all.

There are certain stages in life that bring upon us new promise as well as great challenges. I would classify motherhood as one of those stages. 

My story is very similar to many women my age which begins with “I never had a problem with my weight before age 25”. I could eat all of the wonderful, tasty, delicious treats that we take for granted when we are young. I indulged in McDonalds hamburgers and fries with the addition of a supersize every weekend as well as going out for dinner and drinks almost every night. I remember in college stopping at the library snack bar on the way to class every day to get my large grab bag of BBQ Fritos and a Cherry Coke, not thinking twice about the amount of calories and fat I was consuming……I sure do miss that freedom.

My life has changed quite a bit since those care -free days of eat and drink what I want, and throw caution to the wind. I am now a VERY proud mother of 2 and work full time. I am constantly on the go and find it hard to balance time between everything life entails. I used to use this very way of thinking as my crutch for reason not to eat well or pull off a weekly workout.


It all changed for me one day when I was out with girlfriends for dinner. One of the friends had had her 2nd child around the same time I did. Her and I had talked while we were pregnant about how after this baby we were going to “get it back” again. Here I was 6 months after Tanner was born and still trying to figure out how to get it back. My friend had mentioned that she was going to start a boot camp with her sister and wanted to know if any of us would be interested. I scoffed at the idea. I think I even told her she was crazy to even try such a thing!

About 2 weeks after our girls night dinner I saw Jen on the playground with the kids and she looked great. I couldn’t get over the fact that she had only started boot camp a short time ago and already could tell a difference in her overall appearance. That was enough for me to make the decision to GET OFF MY ASS and do something about my promise to myself to “get it back”.

I remember showing up to my first class thinking that this was either going to go well or I would crash and burn to never be seen again! Luckily for me, I came on a night that was fairly manageable and did not cause me to fall to the ground of a heart attack. I was sold! I knew this was going to be my answer. Carrie was so encouraging, the people in my class were awesome, I had a gym buddy, and it got me out of the house. Woo hoo!!!!

I have now been a Get A Grip member for a year and I LOVE it!!! I have my “7:00 back corner” friends that make me want to come to the gym and push me to work harder every time that I am there. I have completely transformed my body, dropped 2 sizes, lost 18 pounds (not that I am counting), and developed muscle in places that I did not even know had muscle in them. I am in better shape today then I have ever been and I feel fantastic!!!!!!!! A big thank you to my “back corner family” and Carrie. This has been a rockin journey!