When people walk in your door to try your services out, you take one look and decide that minute what it will take to help that person. You get excited. The problem is no matter how great your program is they can still leave after their trail sessions. You give them all you can and hope for the best. When Maritza came to her first session, she killed it! She jumped right in and give it everything she had. I loved her instantly. She is one tough cookie.

I started to notice changes in her body FAST! Plus, how she mingled SO well with the rest of the Get A Grip family like she'd been there for years. She is very dedicated to coming each and every week in spite of her weird working schedule.

As you will read in her story below, she continued to step it up and has had some amazing results. I am very proud of her for her dedication, hard work, fun personality, not making excuses and taking action! She is what I hope for in for our family here and it wouldn't be the same without her.

Her is her story,,,

I moved to Tampa almost 8 years ago from New York City.  I went from living a very active lifestyle, (walking up and down stairs of my apartment building, using mass transit and working out 4-5 times a week) to driving EVERYWHERE and making poor decisions with my diet. I justified drinking and eating out because I “was new here and wanted to meet people”. As the years went on I’d notice my weight gain, get back on track in time for a vacation or event, and spiral into poor habits again.  I did ok for a while, until about a year ago when I realized it was getting harder to get my usual results.

In November 2010 I came across a Groupon for Get a Grip and asked, “Why Not?” I made excuses and put off redeeming it until May. I was fed up with how I let myself go and I was looking for a challenge. I figured, “heck, if it’s not challenging at least I wasn’t out too much”. I COULDN’T HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG! A challenge was what I was looking for, and a challenge was definitely what I got. I was hooked from Day 1.  I tried my best to attend as many classes as I could fit in my crazy work schedule, and I felt myself getting stronger. While I felt stronger, I wasn’t doing anything about my diet to notice dramatic changes…Until I tried the 21 day…WOW! The first week was a definite challenge. After the 21 days I felt great! I knew I lost weight, but I hadn’t realized what the loss looked like. A few days later, while getting an outfit together for work, I tried on a pair of pants that I hadn’t worn in a year because I couldn’t button them comfortably. That morning they not only buttoned easily, but they were also loose in the waist!!! I WAS ECSTATIC!! Finally! Results!! I’ve noticed that I don’t want the garbage food that I wanted before, and my mood is so much better on days that I work out.

The past 5 months at Get a Grip have been great! I’ve pushed myself, gotten stronger, achieved results and of course met some wonderful people. Thank you Carrie for being there and pushing me to my true limits. I too have drank the “Kukuda Coffee”.

Congrats Maritza!!!! SO Proud!