Michele is one amazing lady! When I first meet her, I know she would become part of the Get a Grip Family in the Lutz location. She fit right in and worked hard. She mingled well with the gang and even had a little humor to go along with her. Within two weeks of starting boot camp I could already see her strength increase and her body composition changing. Hard work does pay off, and it does for her. She now needs a belt for her jeans (sorry, I couldn’t resist – well I could of). We all just love our mother hen. She even has her own little group inside our group that she has turned into addicted runners. They meet earlier at the Lutz Studio and run BEFORE boot camp.

It’s ok though, because she is unable to say NO to us and we can talk her into most anything. She caves to our peep pressure (which we secretly love). We are looking forward to seeing what else we can talk her into in the future. She is a gem!

Here is her story…

So, in case you don’t know me, I’m the quiet one in the front corner.  My story goes like this…

After years of supporting my kids in soccer and dance, fast food became the way of life and of course I began to gain weight, even though I was always athletic playing soccer and doing a little running. By 2007 I was my heaviest ever. With my son graduating high school I had a realization that I needed to do something, so I lost 50 lbs counting points, began running more, had some 5k success and played in a ladies soccer league. Then fast forward to my 2011 New Years Eve party, a little tequila and next thing you know I am committing to my first half marathon – Gasparilla 2012. I was so proud to complete it, but even though I was running more than ever I began gaining weight and my running times were getting slower.



At the same time my personal life was in a state of change as well. My Father-in-law has terminal liver cancer and in September 2012 my husband moved in with him to provide around the clock care, my daughter left for her freshman year of college, and I was living alone for the first time in my life, empty nest…for real!

Finally I realized I needed something to change my focus, something I could control. I always wanted a ‘gym buddy’, I found regular gym classes boring, and ultimately I had no motivation. Although I still enjoyed running with friends, I had become frustrated with slower times due to my lack of resistance training. So as the good computer geek that I am, I researched local personal trainers, Crossfit, and other local bootcamps, but then I found Get a Grip Total Fitness. One phone call to Carrie and I knew I had to give it a try! Nervous that first class, I quickly knew I loved it! I lost weight, gained muscle as well as friends! I love seeing the encouragement between members, teamwork during Spartan, and especially Carrie dancing 😉 Since joining in September my running has improved tremendously with 5k times I haven’t seen since 2009. I have completed two more half marathons and 3 Spartans. Influenced by ‘peer pressure’ this year I am planning two more half marathons, a duathlon and the Ragnar Relay. Most importantly, my motto is ‘running is cheaper than therapy’ and Get a Grip has kept me sane! When I am tired, unmotivated, depressed or frustrated at work…I am always one bootcamp away from a better attitude.

Michele-after (3)

My 2013 word is ‘Discover’…and it is amazing what I have already ‘Discovered’ about myself. Carrie and Get a Grip are stuck with me, and I am only beginning to ‘Discover’ what I can achieve!