I learn so much myself from my clients stories. They are all amazing people! I am blessed to have them a part of the Get A Grip Family,

Nanette is no exception! She will talk below about her first day and you'll see why I might question her coming back.  BUT, she did and she has done amazing! She has a great figure, so as the lbs, and inches have been melting off, she really has shaped up and looks fabulous! Her endurance and strength have improved tremendously as well. I am SO proud of her and her accomplishments. I am excited to see what is in store for her next as there WILL be more! She gives a capital letter to the word "Determination!"

Here is her story…

I have tried many things to try to stay in shape.  I have had gym memberships, in-home equipment, and countless exercise DVDs. I always said I had exercise  ADD(attention deficit disorder). When I got bored I would buy something else to try.  Apparently, none of that really worked.

Aside from that, I am a belly-dancer, teach beginner students and  I am a member of the performance troupe & professional troupe at a local studio.  I have lost some weight over the last few years but nothing really got me to where I wanted to be.  I found Carrie on the Meet-up site.  I signed up because I was really interested in learning more about the kettlebell.  I had heard that it was very effective. 

So, April 5th of this year I went to my first boot camp class.  It took about 15 minutes for me to realize just how out of shape I was!  Much to my surprise, the more I pushed through the better I felt.  After my first class, I thought well … I did it… it wasn't pretty but I survived!  I felt a huge sense of accomplishment just finishing the class.  I think I took a 3 hour nap that day after that first class.  But, I felt great and wanted more. 

So, I met with Carrie and decided to sign up for the 3 week belly blast.  I was very excited to see that she provides nutritional support, shopping lists, recipes and a meal plan in connection with the boot camp classes.  I followed the plan very diligently and came to 3 boot camp classes a week, along with my three belly dance classes per week. 

In no time I was getting comments from people at work wondering what I was doing.  I thought wow, this must be working.   After my 3 weeks was up, Carrie advised me just how much my hard work paid off.  I had lost 12 inches off my body, 3% body fat and gained 7 lbs of lean muscle. Amazing!!! I had not accomplished that in 3 years with any of my other attempts at fitness. Lets just say I was pretty satisfied with my results. I signed up for more. 

One of the biggest goals I had for myself when I signed up was to really get fit.  I wanted to be stronger and to have better stamina .  I wanted to get in the best shape of my life.   

I thought it was going to be a lot harder for me, since I have had a few injuries in the past.  Knee issues, surgery, bulged discs in my lower back.  I just modified (and still do at times) until I got strong enough to do the exercises the regular way. 

In the "Dress for Success" contest, I had to run a mile. I had always struggled with running.  Even when I was in high school- I was always the last one to finish and I walked most of it.  So, I thought here I go again…bringing up the rear.  But, realizing that I am not the same person as I was back then- I pushed myself and made it through the run only stopping to walk a couple times. I finished with what I thought was a decent time since I hadn't run in 25 years.  When the contest final came I was excited to run the mile.  As I started the run, I kept thinking just keep going, don't stop. Before I knew it I had run the entire mile without stopping.  The first time EVER in my entire life!  Turns out I cut 1 minute and 50 seconds off my first time!!!  If you had told me 6 months ago I would be running a mile, I wouldn't have believed you. 

Looking back, makes me realize that I am my only competition.  I am the only one that can put limits on my future.  My success at boot camp has blossomed into inspiration of others in my life. I didn't set out to help anyone but myself.  However, I am very pleased to see that my success is influencing my family, friends,& co-workers to make wiser choices, and take time to take care of themselves. 

Being fit has many positive side-effects….. Thanks Carrie!!!!!!