Another client’s amazing results for our Spotlight Sunday…Sara Padgett!

She has been with us for about 8 months and has been a true inspiration too many. She is very quiet in camp, but works extremely hard giving it 200%. Her faces are funny as she looks like I’m killing her, but she keeps going. I am amazed how much she has transformed her body both visually AND physically. She has leaned out and has gotten much stronger. Her commitment definitely shows! She does everything she can to make camp a priority and encourages others to do the same.

People like her are why I love what I do. She has gone from modified push-ups to regular ones, she’s moved up her weights and kettlebell, she’s running faster, and does extremely well on the TRX. I can always count on her to give it her all.

She is VERY modest on all she has achieved, but she deserves an A+ for your commitment, determination, encouraging and inspiring others, and for the beautiful person she is inside and out.

Here is her story…

I first heard about Carrie’s Boot Camp about a year ago. A very dear friend and I would walk together once a week for about 30 – 45 minutes. That was my only form of exercise at the time (although the only exercise we really got was our jaws from talking).  She had just started going to boot camp and was trying to persuade me to join her. At the time, my youngest child was still in preschool and was home with me on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, the same time boot camp was going on in Lutz.  My perfect excuse to not go!

When I thought of boot camp I thought of an instructor yelling at you to do more and people throwing up in the nearest trash can (I think I was watching too much Biggest Loser!!!).

Over the summer my friend would bring up boot camp from time to time and would let me know that once school started back up again in August, it would be the perfect time for me to go to boot camp with her.

I think my first hurdle was actually doing something for myself.  I had been a mom for so many years that I had a hard time actually taking the time and doing something just for me. Once school got underway, I had no more excuses and I started attending boot camp. In fact, I was so excited about it that I got my friend, who had taken the summer off, to come back earlier than she had planned!

The first class was the toughest workout I had ever done. My body ached before I even left the class. Carrie said to make sure to come back on Thursday. I came back on Thursday and the workout was just as tough and I was just as sore. I was doing exercises that I had never heard of before (i.e. burpees, spider man, plank, etc.!). I gradually started getting to a point when I came to boot camp I wasn’t feeling as sore. After a few weeks I was hooked. I love the atmosphere at boot camp. You go at your own pace and everyone is so supportive of each other.

I was a soda/Mt. Dew/chocolate milk love – and I’ve given them up. I also took on the Spartan 1000 challenge and now can perform deck squats with ease. I’ve not only lost pounds but I have lost inches as well. The great thing with attending boot camp is you do see results.

I was shopping for shorts back in March and decided to try a size smaller than the normal size I wear. To my amazement that size was too big. I’ve actually went down two sizes from a year ago!

Now I’m in my 8th month of boot camp and I feel great! More importantly, I’ve changed some habits, become much more active and made new friends! 

Congrats Sara! Looking forward to what you accomplish this year!