Tammy has just rang in her 1 year Anniversary with Get A Grip Total Fitness! Thanks Tammy for being a BIG part of our family. She is a joy to have in camp. She works hard and gives it 200%.

One thing that stopped her from starting boot camp in the beginning was her lifestyle. She has several guests throughout the year who come and stay with her and her husband Glen. Which is very difficult to stay on track with both your exercise and definitely your food. When someone else visits they are on vacation! They want to eat, drink, eat, drink, and they love to eat late night meals and cocktails. Not an easy way for anyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

She wasn't too happy about it, so she decided to give Get A Grip a shot. Well, she has done amazing! She lost 20 plus pounds, she made your doctor VERY happy with her, AND she has maintain it through all her "Company" throughout the year. I couldn't be more proud and she should be very proud too!


She defines "dedication" and "discipline!"


To tell her story she wrote a poem…


Ode to A Trier

I try so hard with all my might

I try so hard to win the fight.

The battles fought are one year old

I see the changes if I may speak so bold.

I’ve lunged, I’ve burpeed with all my might

With snow angels and push-ups, I’ve fought the fight.

When winter came Carrie said “faster”

And so began the belly blaster.

Lets hope in spring she’ll get a little softer

But think again Tammy it’s now miles for moffitt.

It’s 5K for you she said, bring along your man

If it’s motivation you need he’s the one who can.

Summers now here surely time to relax?

The Kukuda thought process says “not on my watch”

In fact lets up the stakes, no time for vacation

We’ll make it competitive and call it “Body Transformation”

It’s my 1 year anniversary, I’m getting the job done

But most importantly at the same time, I’m having lots of fun.

Boot Camp is my savior from the daily grudge and grind

If you can’t see my differences, then you must be blind.



Tammy's Before Pic



Dedication here – 40 degrees and Jessica, Barb, and Tammy showed up.



Tammy's After Pic



Tammy & Glen at Mile for Moffitt!

Congrads Tammy!!!