Our Spotlight is a girl on the go, Tonya Mendez! She is a prime example of not letting anything get in her way to getting her workouts in and eating right. I knew the first week she was going to be around for a long time. She showed results fast and continues to improve each and every day that goes by. She even got her husband addicted, also. She has a very busy work life and travels a ton, but still makes time for what matters most, her fitness and health. She has an energy we all love and Get a Grip wouldn’t be the same without her.

Here is her story…

Inchworm…..What could an inchworm possibly be?  That is the question I asked myself when I was volunteering to do hair and makeup on a photo shoot being held in the Get A Grip Studio.  I was reading a workout on the board wondering to myself what kind of workouts are done in this studio.  It wasnt until 6 months later that I found out for myself.     I signed up for the 21 day belly blast challenge thru Groupon.  I had no idea that $45 and 21 days were going to change my life!

I have been part of this amazing family now for two years but it was a tough road getting here.  Like many of you reading this I tried many things to get myself on track thru the years.  I made it to be a Lifetime member of WeightWatchers while preparing for my wedding.  After my wedding… I didn’t go back.  I trained and ran a half marathon in 2010 in memoriam of my dad and was in the best shape of my life.  After the run… I didnt go back.  And so the story goes on.

When I started the 21 Day Belly Blast Challenge I wasnt sure what to expect, how I was going to feel and….would I go back.  Well, here I am, two years later, writing this story.

The biggest difference I noticed from Get A Grip was Carrie.  When I finished my 21 days I didnt go back.  Then two weeks later Carrie called me on the phone.  I couldnt believe she was actually checking in on me.  First I was shocked, then, surprisingly, I was relieved.  I finally had someone that was holding me accountable without me even asking her to.  I went back the next week and the next and the next.

The biggest difference I have seen in my life is how I view things and the physical achievements are the after thought.  I plan my life differently now.  My weekends used to be scheduled around happy hour and 1/2 price appetizers.  Now they are planned around outdoor activities.  I used to shop on the inside isles of the grocery store.  Now I barely leave the produce section.

My professional life is very tough on my body.  Sixteen hour days on my feet, lots of time on the road, holding blowdryers and brushes all day.  When I started with Get A Grip my wrists weren’t strong enough to do pushups, burpees or renegade rows.  Now I can do them more than I would like to…oh burpees!  By day 2 of a 4 day show I would have pains shooting up the sides of my legs from my feet to my hips and a week of rest is the only thing that would cure the pain.  I havent felt that pain in two years…relief!

I was looking for something, someone to change my life and I found it.

I choose Health. I choose Confidence. I choose Happiness.

Tonya and Jonathan 1-2014tonyaandjonathan

Kudos to you and Jonathan for supporting each other and making this a big part of your life!!