Amy is no exception to the rule of someone how has done an amazing transformation both inside and out. She gives every workout 200%! As you will read below she has done SO MUCH in just under a year and things she never thought she would do. I couldn’t be more proud of her! She is great girl and I look forward to her smiley face every boot camp session she attends. She has had many accomplishments/milestones in just under a year. Who knows where her craziness will take her, but I do know she will be seeked out for more new and fun adventures. hint-hint!! READ her story (Congrats, Amy!)
Here it is…
Groupon! That is how I “found” Carrie! I had just signed up with Groupon and one of the first “notices” I received from them was a 21 day belly blast groupon with Get a Grip Fitness. 21 days? I can do that….easy! So I signed up (along with my boyfriend) and have been SO thankful ever since! My story is no different from many. After years of being able to “run off” a few extra pounds, it seemed that now I was in my 30s, it was harder and harder to lose weight or tone up. I tried everything…P90X, Insanity, Ellipticals, Treadmills, etc. and nothing REALLY worked. And I am not a gym rat. I don’t like being stuck on pieces of equipment (I blame it on adult ADD)! I needed something challenging and something accountable. Working out at home was too easy for me to “put off”.   So I bought the groupon and thought…perfect….21 days and I’m done….WRONG. I got hooked! 21 days turned into 3 more months that turned into almost a year later and I love it! Carrie is such an amazing person! She has made so many things “click” for me. The first 21 days were an eye opener. I thought, “I’ve gotten through P90X & Insanity so this should be easy….WRONG again!   Her workouts are killer! I was sore in places I have never been before and I loved it! I followed the 21 days and lost 6 pounds and more importantly INCHES. It wasn’t just her workouts either it was the meal plans. I was eating what I thought was “healthy” and I was WRONG AGAIN. No wonder I couldn’t tone up…I was eating lite this, fiber one that, Special K snacks….GROSS!   During the 21 days, I took one of Carrie’s nutrition classes and it all sank in. It’s not just the exercise….it’s what you’re putting into your body!   Now I love my green smoothies and am addicted to Gogi Berries and Spinach! 

What I love most about Get a Grip is the atmosphere. I have met so many wonderful people that I call friends! My “back corner” group keeps me accountable and pushes me farther than I’ve ever pushed myself before. I would not be where I’m at without them. Since joining Get a Grip a year ago I have done 10 times more than I thought I could. 3 Spartans (with the last one timed at 59 minutes), RUNNING (which I always said I hated but now I love), Cardio Cave (LOVE LOVE LOVE Cardio Cave) and a Mud Obstacle Run! I can’t believe how much I’ve done in under a year.   The fact that I love to run now is all due to Carrie and Get a Grip. I would not have the stamina or endurance to finish my runs without the amazing training/support that Carrie provides!  

I have one (or more) 5k’s scheduled each month this year with my goal of 2 half marathons in November! I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for all the amazing people at Get a Grip Fitness!

 Jenn, Marci, and Amy! Part of the “Back-Corner Crew”