The Super Bowl is HERE!

3 Workout Options for you!

Option # 1:

Run Club 9am

Get A Grip Total Fitness – Lutz Location (1914 Oak Grove Blvd.,  Lutz)

Option #2:

At-Home 15-20 Minute “Touch Down” Workout

(before your parties)

Warm up (5 minutes)

Perform the following exercises in order for 7 minutes – rest as needed

7 Push-up

7 Jump Squats

7 Bench/Chair Dips

7 Burpees

49 Jump Ropes

Repeat for 3-5 sets

Cool Down & Stretch (3-5 minutes)

Option #3

During the GAME!

Perform the following exercises when they happen throughout the game...

Touch Down: 7 Burpees

Field Goal: 3 minutes of Jump Ropes

Extra Point: 1 minute of Plank

First Down: 12 Jump Squats

Time Out: During the time out – Snow Angels

Personal Foul: 7 Walking Lunges each Leg

Fumble: 7 Bench/Chair Dips

Interception: 7 Deck Squats OR 14 crunches

Quarterback Sack: 7 Side Plank Tap Downs on each side

Commercials: Jumping Jacks throughout

Win in the Football Squares: 100 Butt Kicks!

No Excuses, I gave you 3 options, choose one of them!

Have fun!!!

Leave in the comments below, which one you choose:)