Success Stories

Carrie has helped me so much get through trying to get my body back into shape and to get it stronger after a car accident that I had with back and neck injury. I also have Asthma and she works with me through it, she alters the exercise so you do not hurt yourself. It is a group of women/men at all different levels and she keeps us all motivated and stretching ourselves to push farther. Thank Carrie!

Jan F., Wesley Chapel, FL

Carrie’s camp is one of the most unusual types of training I have encountered. I’m used to working out in a gym and have worked with two other trainers in the past. They were both challenging, but Carrie has pushed me even further than the others. If you are looking for something where to rely on nothing but your own strength to carry you through, this is the place to be.”

 Julie H., Tampa, FL

This is the most amazing exercise program I have done! Its hard work but with hard work and guidance we have RESULTS!

Lucy D., Brandon, FL

The Kettlebell Workshop was amazing! Carrie is great at teaching the fundamentals of kettlebell. She keeps the group small enough so that you get lots of individual attention. Her instruction style is very welcoming and fun, and she makes sure that you perfect the exercises before the workshop ends. I couldn’t believe how many calories you can burn doing kettlebell. Most of us burned between 800 to a 1,000 calories! She gives you workouts to take home and use. It is great, because you can do the kettlebell anywhere. I plan to take the kettlebell with me on vacation, because you can get a great workout with only one piece of equipment!

Alisa Sumner, Wesley Chapel, FL

I was n’t quite sure what to expect when I signed up for Carrie’s Kettlebell Workshop — except I knew it would be great and full of detailed instructions on how to do a Kettlebell Workout correctly. I well know how proper form is key. Carrie is a phenomenal instructor. Why?

***She is knowledgeable about the subject. ***She looks like she does this workout 24/7!!! ***She breaks each part of each exercise down to tiny pieces ***She encourages you at whatever level you are ***She knows when to push and when to give you some space ***She makes things upbeat, fun, energizing, motivational *** I have done 21 days with her with one of her other programs and can clearly SEE and FEEL the improvements. *** I have signed up for an additional Boot Camp month because of my belief in her trainings.

Marcy Youngster, Lutz, FL

I had a one hour practice session with Carrie. This was a very rewarding, albeit exhausting session. She evaluated and corrected /tweaked me in my swings, the clean, military presses, dead lifts, Turkish get ups, and front squats. By far, the hardest exercise to fix was my Turkish get up. In all of the exercises she went over with me, she was able to show me the best and safest way to do them. I was eventually able to do a number of acceptable get ups on both sides with Carrie’s shoe placed on my balled up fist. Carrie was inspiring and I learned so much more about kettlebells from her instruction and immediate feedback than I had previously done in the past 11 months of training by books and videos. There were times that I wondered what have I gotten myself into, this Turkish get up thing is very hard, not like I had been doing before Carrie, but Carrie kept me going, patiently demonstrating each step, until I finally got it! I am very impressed with her teaching skills. The rewarding thing I came away with was a greater understanding of the proper form that will allow me to gain the most from my training in the future. I will definitely seek Carrie out in the future, she is an awesome instructor. My every goal was achieved by the training session I had with Carrie.

Lincoln McNeil, Sr. – Wesley Chapel, Florida

Carrie is a great motivator! I met Carrie about 7 months ago and she is an EXCELLENT trainer. She is always available to listen to your needs and goals, and then directs you in the path that best suits YOU. When Carrie first brought out the kettlebells, I thought it was going to be a waste of time, until I tried it! In one month of kettlebell camp I have noticed improved toning in my shoulders & abs, and my husband has noticed an improvement in my “rear” icon wink Kettlebell . In just ONE MONTH! I think I’m hooked on kettlebell workouts thanks to Carrie’s guidance. She knows just how to motivate you without pushing you. She is also VERY accommodating to her clients’ various schedules and needs. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer! I talk about her and what she has taught me all the time!

Aileen Ginesta – Land O’ Lakes, FL

Kukuda + Kettlebell= Success! A friend of mine was getting into great shape, so I asked her…”How are you doing it”? Her reply was Carrie Kukuda! I contacted Carrie right away and within days had my first Kettlebell training session. IT WAS BY FAR THE BEST WORKOUT EXPERIENCE I HAD EVER HAD. Carrie designs her workouts to accommodate beginners, intermediates and athletes. She combines the workout with a custom designed diet, tips on how to build a healthy lifestyle and LOTS of motivation. In the end I have gained a passion for Kettlebell, a trainer committed to my success and a friend for life. Thanks Carrie! YOU ROCK!

Deana Folz – Tampa, FL

Coming to the first Kettlebell class was a little intimidating. I was not sure if swinging around a weight would work for me. I was so wrong. Carrie has taught me so much and I’m completely addicted to kettlebells. Not only is my weight dropping and I’m toning, I’m standing with better posture. I feel so much better and Carrie is the one to thank. With her expertise I have been able to accomplish things that could have taken months. Thanks Carrie for everything:)

Sandra Sanchez – Zephyrhills,FL

You will succeed with Carrie! Carrie Kukuda is an amazing Kettlebell trainer. She is passionate about what she does and genuinely cares about her clients and their success. Carrie is a great motivator and listens to her clients to help them through any obstacles when on her program. I would recommend her to EVERYONE. I am so thankful that I met Carrie and had the opportunity to be one of her clients. THANK YOU CARRIE!!!!

Robin Perez – Lutz, FL

I Wouldn’t change a thing! I have never even heard of Kettlebell until receiving an email to try out the class. It is fantastic and I even have my husband on board. Though we had not worked out for a while it has been easy to stay on track as Carrie is extremely motivating and patient as she walks you through the exercises.You will not regret taking classes with Carrie!

JS – Wesley Chapel, FL

A Trainer with a Heart! I knew I was going to be a challenge because it had been YEARS since I worked out. Carrie never batted an eye. She stressed proper form first and the strength will come. She is amazing! After less than 60 days I have lost fat, gained muscle, energy and strength. Her enthusiasm and commitment to her clients is refreshing. She truly cares about and is invested in our success. Thank you Carrie, you make a difference!

Dianna Acosta – Land O Lakes, FL

Carrie is a wonderful instructor who knows how to get people motivated! I meant Carrie about a year ago and it is the best thing that has ever happened for me! I had knee surgery 6 months ago and doing kettlebell through Carrie has helped me tremendously! I did not think I could do kettlebell and then I did one class with Carrie and I am hooked. She is so good with helping people with different injuries and with her great passion about her exercise routines she has my knee almost normal again! With her help on building my strength up, I was able to run a 5k again just at 6 months after knee surgery! My knee surgeon is very impressed with Carrie on how much I have accomplished through her kettlebell camps! Thank you Carrie for making me believe I can still run after knee surgery!

Kristin Robbins – Land O’ Lakes, FL.

It was easy to remain on track during this program because the guide was easy to follow, and the recipes tasted great.  I wasn’t hungry and I was thrilled every time I stepped on the scale.  The genius of this program and what really sets it apart, is that after I completed the 21-day program, it stayed with me.  I did not fall back into my old bad habits.   I still wanted my green smoothie for breakfast, and I kept up with meal plan.  The 21-day belly blast challenge is not just a quick fix.  It provides you with the tools to make a lifestyle change.  To not only lose weight, but to keep it off.  I look and feel better than I have for years!  If you have been struggling with maintaining a healthy weight and are looking for lasting results….you have to try the 21-day Belly Blast Challenge!

J. Burke, Tampa, FL

From a person that rarely exercised, until I met Carrie Kukuda….I can say that my life totally turned around with the awesome structure and

Encouragement from the personal training Carrie. Then she incorporated the 21 Day Belly Blast, WOW what a difference. I felt better and lost 7 pounds very quickly.

For me, that boosted the workout. Also to my amazement, my teenage sons were very impressed with the suggested menu choices, and even looked forward to what would be

for dinner every night!!! They said to make things easy just follow the menu choices always, whether on the diet or not. I agree!!!!!  This has helped me to make better food choices with

meals and I have maintained my weight loss, even 7 months later.

I can’t thank Carrie enough for coming into my life.”

Lori Ellis, Land O’Lakes, FL

The 21 day Belly Blast is an EASY to follow meal plan that gets RESULTS.  I have followed the meal plan numerous times and have lost inches all over my body.  I even lost inches and pounds over the holidays last year while the average person was gaining.  After following the plan for 3 weeks, I lost 3+ pounds and just under 6 inches (and this was in only 3 measurements spots)!!  How cool is that to start the New Year!!!  Also, it was so easy for me to follow with the weekly grocery lists and the detailed meal plan.  It saved me time each week since I did not need to sit down and go through recipes to figure out what food to buy for the next week.  I loved that there was no guess work and I always knew what to eat so there was no need to just pick up some other not so healthy food.  This plan is not a diet and I felt like I was always eating.  There were times that I was still full when it was time to eat again!  The plan also contains built in motivation that keep me going and looking forward to the next meal or snack.  I learned that you need to feed my body every few hours and even confuse it sometimes to help boost my metabolism and shed the inches.  The belly blast is a life time keeper for me!!! !

Lori O’Brien, Tampa, FL

I needed to jump-start my weight loss and started with the 21-belly blast.  After 21 days I lost 9lbs and I was ecstatic. The 21 day is easy to follow. It lists the foods that you need to buy and also gives the weekly schedule of what to eat and when, it couldn’t get any easier than that.  I learned what   would be a healthy way of eating the right foods even with cheat days.   The green smoothie and the egg salad is

absolutely delicious.  I would recommend this plan to anyone looking to lose a couple of pounds and break through plateaus!

Linda Arana, Lutz, FL

I started the 21 day Belly Blast late 2010 just before the holidays, I was very happy that I did because it helped me during the holidays.  I also asked my husband to join in because I thought with his  support I would truly stick with it. The 21 day Belly Blast proved to be such a positive result for me, I lost nine pounds but what it resulted in was something greater than weight loss, it gave me the ability to make better choices about my food, making sure my fruits and vegetables were actually in my meal plans for the day and provided me with lots of structure each day. I have found myself in the past, starting off the day well and then getting so out of touch with what I wanted to eat, that results weren’t good. The 21 day Belly Blast proved to be the plan that kept me on track, it helped me realize what being full really meant and I feel great. My husband lost 16 pounds so together 25 pounds in three weeks. We have managed to maintain the loss and keep it off!!!! We went on vacation for a week and enjoyed ourselves without feeling guilty about what we ate; however, when we returned we picked the second week of the 21 day Belly Blast to help us get back on track!

Tammy Thornhill, Lutz, FL

I decided to try the 21 day belly blast challenge when it was first launched. I was desperate to lose the extra 10 pounds that the plan said it could help me with. …it didn’t lie…it helped me lose almost 12 lbs and almost a total of 6 inches! I was finally able to fit into those “skinny jeans” that were staring at me everyday in my closet! Along with the weight and inches, it helped me overcome my coffee addiction, something I didn’t think was possible! The plan is awesome and it does work, I will be honest the first week was tough, but by the end of that first week I was already starting to feel healthier and I wasn’t craving the “bad” foods that I thought I was going to be depriving myself of. The plan really opened my eyes to just how much stuff I was eating on a normal day, I caught myself eating the food off my kids plates, something I never realized I was doing until I started this plan. I loved that my meals, snacks and workouts were already mapped out for me and all I had to do was just follow the rules.  This is definitely not a “diet”, because I didn’t want to go back to the way that I was eating before, it had completely reprogrammed my thinking. By the time the 21 days were over I looked and felt great and had so much extra energy, I was very pleased with the results!

 Jenn C1 217×300 21 Day Belly Blast