Another Tool To Help you lose weight…

What do you eat when you have only 15 minutes to walk out the door but just woke up?

What happens when you don’t have enough time to make a lunch to bring to work?

What happens when you simply aren’t in the mood to cook?

The answer for most of us, unfortunately, is to skip the meal, make a frozen pizza or TV dinner, or go out and buy fast food.

AND THAT SUCKS (sorry, stinks).

I have been sampling (along with my hubby) and working with the CEO and his team of Meal Movement. I am pretty impressed.

Fitting great nutrition into your life can be easy, fast, affordable, and surprisingly, it taste good, too!

I know everyone is unable to purchase organic foods, I have to be real. I still feel they are BEST for you. But, I always talk about good, better, best and Meal Movement offers NATURAL lean proteins and vegetables. Not full of chemicals and preservatives (you know that is my favorite – lol). So, it might just be the next best thing to organic food.

I have been very happy with their business and what they believe in. We all want to eat healthier, but in today’s world most of us want and need it quick. This is a great solution for…

  • On the go people
  • People who live alone and don’t want to cook a bunch a food just for themselves
  • Someone trying to create better eating habits
  • Busy mom’s and dad’s
  • People with not a lot of time period
  • Sick of the Diets out there
  • Don’t want to eat out of a box that can sit on their shelves at home for 6 months and it is STILL good to eat
  • People who have tried everything and it hasn’t worked
  • And MORE!


This is what it looks like DELIVER to YOUR door…


Here’s it in our FREEZER…

I’m excited to add ANOTHER tool to help you reach your goals and live the life you SO deserve!

This may not be for you, but if you know of someone who struggles send them my way, I will help them for sure.

GOOD NEWS those who are interested…

Next week we will be hosting a “food tasting” on Wednesday, December 7th 6:30pm and Thursday, December 8th at 10:00am.

The best part about this is that you get to try a few of the foods ABSOLUTELY FREE on me!

If you want an easy solution to knowing what to eat or just want to be able to heat something up, you want to check this out.

I am going to offering a 28-day Jumpstart Program which will include the lunches and dinners for all 28 days and exercise. I will help you place your order, too!

At the tasting, I will be giving $24.00 off for anyone who feels it is the right solution for them. So, shipping will be FREE!

Just want to offer you whatever I believe will help you!

Have a great weekend. And feel free to call me with any questions. Here is the link to the program as well, MEAL MOVEMENT!

RSVP to me if you are coming…Thanks! Invite friends and family and RSVP for them, too!

PS FYI – I know there are a lot of people on my list who live far away. No problem they deliver all over the US and I can get on the phone and help you place your order.