Today is the First “ME” Monday!
I wanted to give you “momentum” to your week by giving you tools and strategies you can use to make reaching your goals that much easier.
I will be sharing with you what “I” do and use to reach my goals! I get asked all the time questions like the one below, so I thought why not share it with my followers, loyal readers, and clients? Then EVERYONE can benefit.
I hope you like it:-)
Today I’m sharing with you 5 snacks I use to eat well, stay energized, easy to implement, and help keep my going through my busy day.
I like to keep it simple, easy, and convenient. That way when I get busy I don’t make poor choices.
So, here is my TOP 5 snacks I eat all the time…
1. Dale’s Raw Bars. I have one in my purse all the time. They are healthy (unlike 95% of the so-called Protein Bar’s out there) and holds me over when I need it most. Click Here, to learn more about them.
2. Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie Snack Packs & a Ziplock of Veggies. These are quick and easy. I can eat it quickly and get a huge energy punch during my day.
3. Chia Pods: Almond milk, Chia seeds, vanilla. They come in these little containers and even supply a spoon. I like things that don’t make a mess in my car when I’m on the go. These rock! you can find them at Nutrition Smart and Wholefoods.
4. 1-2 Hard Boiled Eggs with 12 almonds or walnuts. Super easy to eat and the protein and healthy fats hold me over. I carry a cooler in my car 5 days a week. Makes it easy to eat healthy and stay on track.
5. NanoMeal – It is great quality vanilla bean protein with greens and omega 3’s all in one little packet. These are so awesome when I’m traveling. Just add water! They taste good as well. If you interested in getting a 10-pack, contact me as I have them in-house and in stock. Love them! We actually do a 10-Day Challenge, where you drink one every day for 10 days and people rave on how great they feel.
I hope you enjoyed my FIRST “Me” Monday designed to help give you momentum out of the gate early in the week.
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See you there!