Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Get a Grip Total Fitness mission is to motivate and empower others to maximize their full potential and believe nothing is impossible. Allowing them to live the life they deserve! Implementation of the “I CAN” attitude, backed by people who care…US! Making a difference is our mission because we believe in others, show them how to truly commit, and help them love the process!

    Our Core Values

    1. Positively Impact Others
    2. Over-Deliver
    3. Give back
    4. Create a Sense of Community
    5. Empower, Inspire, and Lead

    Our Programs…Virtual & In-Person Training

    Functional & Core Fitness Training System

    Our program uses movements that are similar to those you use everyday, making them not only safe, but highly effective. Our programming encompasses and focuses on  all 7 functional movement patterns to help you manage and go through your daily life more at ease with a dedicated focus to the core.

    You'll see benefits in:

    • Increases Flexibility
    • Improves Coordination
    • Improves your Balance
    • Improves your Posture
    • Reduced risks in Injury
    • Reduces Stress & Anxiety
    • Strengthen your Muscles
    • Increase your Core Strength
    • Supports Bone Strength & Health
    • Improves Confidence
    • Calms your Central Nervous System
    • Strengthens your Respiratory System
    • Covers Full Range of Motions Movements
    • Helps you with any Joint Aches & Pains

    When you combine all of these functional movements with high or low levels of intensity (which you’ll learn how to do) you'll get results!

    We keep our program varied so that every time you come to a session, you’ll perform something different from your last session (no two workouts the same). We know that you don’t have the time to commit several hours of your week to exercise. We don't want you to. With our emphasis on varied intensity and functional movements, you’ll reach your goals by showing up (and working hard) three or four times per week-- that’s it!

    Strength & Metabolic Resistance Training

    The benefits of strength training are tremendous, and the long term and short term effects are worth their weight in gold. As we age, our muscle mass decreases. But, with a excellent strength & resistance training program you reap the rewards of...

    • Being Stronger & Fitter
    • Improves Muscle Endurance & Health
    • Improving your Bone Health & Muscle Mass
    • Reduces risk of Fractures
    • Help control your Body Fat
    • Decrease your risks of Injury
    • It helps reduce the symptoms of Arthritis
    • Fun & Empower Workouts
    • Increases your Metabolism
    • Increases your Confidence
    • Reduces Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelming
    • Slows the Aging process

    The BIG bonus with our specific programming (yes, we actually have a program; we don't just make up workouts an hour before) is you will lose weight (more like fat) by strength training (and keep the muscle you have). You do NOT have to perform hours of cardio to lose weight. You only need 2-3 days of this with with our functional & core fitness & blended cardio within.

    If you are aging (lol, we all are) you should have a strength training program in your "Fitness Rx" with no exception.

    This programming allows for less of your time, so you have more time for your family & other things which are important ot you.

    Yoga/Flexibility/Sports/Recovery Fitness

    Our yoga programming is along the lines of Sports Yoga (for better performance, flexibility & recovery) and Restorative Yoga also for recovery and all the other benefits such as...

    • Improves Flexibility & Balance
    • Improves Energy & Vitality
    • Improves Strength
    • Improves Athletic Performance
    • Improves your Mental Calmness (Central Nervous System)
    • Helps Maintain a Balanced Metabolism
    • Helps the Circulatory Health
    • Helps prevent Back Pain
    • Teaches you Better Breathing
    • Supports your Joints
    • Fights Depression
    • Relieves Anxiety
    • May reduce Inflammation
    • Descreases Stress
    • Promotes better Sleep quality

    It is a great addition to any fitness programming, self-care regimen and restorative health & performance.

    Pilates/Core Fitness Training

    Our programming is Mat Pilates with many of tools/toys to increase the benefits and giving it a nice variety to keep the body guessing and improving.

    Why do you want to include Pilates in your fitness programming...

    • Improves Muscle Strength especially your Core
    • Improves Athletic Performance
    • Improves Blood Circulation
    • Improves Blood Pressure
    • Gentle, but challenging to perform
    • Better Spinal Health & Strength
    • Places no pressure on Knees & Joints
    • Increases Energy Levels
    • Increases Self Awareness, Focus & Concentration
    • Boosts your Stamina
    • Can Assist in Weight Loss
    • Reduces Stress & Anxiety
    • Helps with Sleep & Insomnia

    And the list goes on and on with all the programs mentioned. Having a well-rounded "Fitness Rx" has huge benefits in your overall level of health. We covered them ALL!


    Triathlon/Duathlon Training

    Every winter (January/February) we offer our Signature 12-Week Triathlon & Duathlon Training Program. Where we take you from "Start to the Finishline" of your Sprint Race (Olympic, also available), with no stone unturned. 

    We include things such as...

    • 3-a-Week Hands on Coaching Sessions
    • Run Clinic Workshop
    • Bike Clinic Workshop
    • Swim Clinic Workshop
    • Sports Nutrition Workshop
    • Foam Rolling Workshop
    • Transitions Workshop
    • Recovery Strategies
    • Private Facebook Page for our Group
    • After Party Fun

    Whether you have never done one before or want to improve your performance game, this program is for you. We not only give you a weekly plan, but you also getting hands-on coaching every step of the way. 

    At the end of the 12-weeks we all participate at a race together and yes, there is an after party. 

    Along with all the "How-to's" we do not want to leave out the camaraderie of the group. The closeness and friendships are priceless. Trust us, after the first race it doesn't stop there, they compete almost all year long (the season for sure).

    Get on our list for the next season today. Next 12-Week: TBA


    Nutrition Coaching

    We understand that no matter how much you work out, you will always fall short if you haven’t dialed in your nutritional habits. If you want to feel great and look great, you’ve got to work on your diet (what you put in your mouth).

    With our Food Methodology Coaching, you’ll finally reach the body composition goals you’ve been aiming for all along. Our program keeps in mind your lifestyle (stage in life, time & etc.), your preferences (we know you still want a life outside your food habits) and your personal goals (what you want to gain other than pounds). 

    We help you develop a better realtionship with food & YOU! We guide you to making small changes to reap the bigger gains. 

    We help you UPGRADE your food game.

    Smal changes can reap you a better quality of life and health. Look at what small changes can do for you...

    • Lose or Gain Weight for the long term (off the vicious cycle of ups & downs)
    • Food Freedom (Better relationship with food)
    • Reduce risks of some diseases: Heart Disease, Strokes, some Cancers, Diabetes & Osteoporosis
    • Improve your Energy Levels & Moods
    • More Focus
    • Less Cravings
    • Help Decrease Emotional Eating
    • Fuel your body for your Activity
    • Increase your Total Well-Being
    • Establish Better & Healthier Eating Practices for the long term

    Food Methodology Coaching is for anyone who wants to change the way they look and feel for the better. It’s a perfect add-on to our Fitness Rx Plans or as a Stand alone. We meet you where you are. "New" Group Program starting soon.

    *We offer a Food/Eating Well component to all of our fitness programming and challenges as we all know your nutrition will accelerate your results.

    Gut Health Testing & Coaching


    We partnered with Ixcela to offer a Gut Health Internal Fitness Testing Service. It tracks your gut microbiome health; the quality of your "internal" fitness. 

    We test how well your gut microbiome health is supporting the 5 key areas in your internal world...

    • Gastrointestinal Fitness
    • Immuno Fitness
    • Emotional Balance
    • Cognitive Acuity
    • Energetic Efficiency 

    It shows us where you need to improve and we can offer further assistance on where to start in improving the key areas and map out a plan of action to do just that. 

    Life & High Performance Coaching


    We do things a bit different. Yes, we look at your vision, mission, purpose, where you currently are today and where you want to go and bridge that gap. We just have an unique approach to it. Keeping you moving at all times with momentum, clarity, confidence and success (whatever that is for you).

    Benefits of an Excellent Life Coach...

    • Holds you Accountable
    • Gets you Unstuck
    • Helps you find Clarity in your life
    • Challenges You
    • Keeps you in Motion
    • Helps you build a Resilience for Motivation
    • Helps Level You Up where you might of not thought it was possible
    • Helps get the Somedays off your List and Make them Reality
    • Getting off a vicious cycle that isn't serving you in life

    We will hold you accountable, we will challenge you and we help keep your head in the game. We help you UPGRADE your life in all areas or starting with a specific area in your life. If you have a "SOMEDAY" than today is that day to get it started. Contact me for a chat and  we will see if we are the right fit for each other. Live a Zero Regrets Life!

    Workplace/Corporate Wellness Programs & Challenges


    Improve the wellness of your team/employees can only improve your business success. Wellness is key to the output of you and your team. 

    Benefits of offering a Wellness Plan...

    • Higher Attendance Rates
    • Team work of your team/employees working together for better Well-being
    • Benefit to them for offering such services In-house and Off-site 
    • Health Insurance savings by offering a Wellness Program
    • Higher Productivity
    •  Customized Programs to meet your needs

    We can offer your company a customized plan and program to meet your needs to include...lunch-n-learns, workshops, well-being training, in-house and off-site done-for-you programs and more. 

    Contact us today, to see what we can customize for you. 

    Recovery Room


    This is where most people fall short. They don't make the time for recovery whether it be from the daily stress, healing from an injury or their training program.

    Why would you take advantage of any of these services?

    • Faster Recovery for Performance
    • Faster Recovery from an Injury
    • Reduce Inflammation
    • Some Promote Weight Loss
    • Reduce Pain and Limitations
    • Because it feels good
    • Self Care is Self Love

    Services we offer:

    • 3-in-1 Infrared Sauna Treatments w/Color Therapy
    • Normatec Leg Compressions
    • Celluma Light Therapy (Anti Aging Benefits, Also)
    • HydroMassage Table

    Don't wait until something becomes a problem, be proactive today. Enhancing your quality of  life is a priority not just a luxury of life.

    Heart Rate Monitoring Belt System

    We offer the MyZone Heart Rate Belt System for tracking your workouts, efforts and heart rate zones.

    Accurate data and a great way to...

    • See your Progress
    • Join Challenges
    • Join in on the Leaderboards
    • Making sure you get into your Zones
    • Let's not forget the Ranking levels...Gamification.
    • Great for Accountability to stride to make your Fitness & health a priority.

    Everyone needs a little motivation once in a while.


    Metabolic Testing

    Increasing your Metabolism is what we base most of our training methodologies around. By increasing it to keep you young, fit and healthy (plus, remove unwanted fat).

    Have you ever wondered exactly how many calories you need each day to lose weight, maintain your weight or gain weight?

    We can help you determine just that! We offer a proven and FDA approved “Metabolic Testing” which will help you determine how many calories you burn at rest (RMR – Resting Metabolic Rate). How much you burn all day every day!

    As fitness professionals we have been using formulas to calculate your Target Calorie Zone. With this machine it takes the guess work out and is 98.6% accurate.

    NO more trial and error and months of trying to get it rightOnce the test is completed, you will have a blue print of your metabolism. Rather you have a slow, normal, or high metabolism AND your “personal calorie zone”  which will show you how to eat the MAXIMUM amount of food and still lose weight. Most people are not eating enough this test will help you see what you really need.

    Your body will be happy, healthy, and satisfied.

    We use the same Metabolic Testing machine that is used in hospitals. Are you ready to learn your numbers.

    Our Coaches…


    • Founder/Owner
    • Head Fitness Coach
    • Triathlon Coach
    • Kettlebell/TRX Coach
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Nutrition Coach
    • Mindset Expert
    • Life & Health Coach
    • High Performance Coach


    • Fitness Coach


    • Fitness Coach
    • Yoga Instructor
    • Triathlon & Run Coach
    • Foam Roller Expert


    • Administrative Assistant
    • Fitness Coach
    • Pilates Instructor

    Group Training Schedule...


    Group Sessions

    • 5:00am
    • 7:15am
    • 6:00pm



    South Tampa 




    Group Sessions






    Group Sessions


    South Tampa 




    Group Sessions








    Group Sessions


    South Tampa 





    Group Sessions


    Workshops Often



    5 Stars
    I have been getting healthy with Get A Grip Total Fitness now for five plus years. My only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner. There are all ages and levels of fitness here. Everyone is accepting of others and supportive of your individual goals. I have learned so much about working out, nutrition, and how to be consistent. I have also made so many personal friendships. If you are looking for more than just a gym and want total health, this place is for you.


    5 Stars
    GAG is the best thing to happen to me for my health and fitness. Great workouts, nutrition advice and awesome peeps who are always cheering each other on and encouraging me to excel beyond even my own expectations, which I thought were 'enough'. I LOVE this place and these people!


    5 Stars
    I’m loving the virtual workouts!! During this safe at home period having these workouts to do are a life saver! Having 2 little ones in the house it’s important for them to see their parents living a healthier lifestyle and it’s fun when they join in! The workouts are available via Facebook Live or zoom or just written out and it’s easy to do them along with Carrie and crew or whenever I can squeeze in 45 mins! Having the ability to watch the Facebook live stream at a later time is great to make sure I’m keeping my form on target!